if there ever was a time to howl

10:47 PM.  You know it’s time to stop working and go home when you realize that you’ve just sent a gazillion emails announcing the program of a forum that you’re holding but neglecting to include the forum name, time and venue.  Had to resend everything all over again, only to be told by Yahoo that I’ve exceeded my message limit for the hour.  I didn’t even know there was a quota! But then again, I’ve never had to send a gazillion emails times two before.

Must be some sort of Monday curse.  I’ve been having screw-ups all day.  All day. Starting this morning when I left the FX line to get a jeep, thinking it’d be quicker, only to be stuck in horrendous traffic that would only budge when a vehicle would give up and turn around.  When I got back to the FX line two FX vans have come and gone since I left, traveling through a traffic-free detour.

It was raining when I finally go to Quezon City, drenching the hems of my pants. Just the hems. Just enough to irritate the heck out of me, as I walked and felt the wetness around my ankles.

The counter girl at Chowking forgot to send my change along with lunch and of course I forgot to ask for it too.  We had to come running back to retrieve it, ready to do battle should they refuse to give it to us. But then we got it back, so I guess that should count as a good thing.

No major incident happened in the afternoon, and I just had to push my luck by going on overtime. Then the email fiasco came along.  I said to heck with it, and decided to vent on my long-neglected friendster blog.  As I was typing my entry Internet Explorer had an error, shut down and lost my entry. What you’re reading now is a product of furious retyping on Microsoft Word, done while praying and hoping for nothing to go wrong.  After this, I guess I should get home. But with my luck I’m bound to trip and fall flat on my face on some garbage bags left on the street for tomorrow’s pick up.

I need a life.


One thought on “if there ever was a time to howl

  1. Yang July 18, 2005 at 4:25 pm Reply

    hello rina…may today be wonderfully different for you!



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