Monthly Archives: November 2005

last year

This time last year I enjoyed a few days’ rest at home while storms raged outside, and was feeling good about it until I learned that the same storms that kept me at home also swept away countless homes and buried more than a thousand people in Quezon and Aurora.

This time last year I watched in shock the countless images of tons of washed up logs, buried bodies, and cries of despair.

This time last year we spent many late nights at the office, writing statements, doing research, designing materials, as we launched a campaign calling for the protection of our forests.

Today the hastily-dug graves that hold countless bodies serve as silent reminders, good for a poignant All Saints’ Day TV news spot or two, as those that remain still struggle to move on.  Logging licenses are being revived, but then who needs permits when people can just cut trees illegally and get away with it?

I wonder if the children who used to cry at the onset of rains have managed to get over the trauma.

Could be the decimated forests, could be the excessive rains, could be the sheer insensitivity of people, that caused all that death and destruction.  This time last year, I was feeling the same kind of frustration and despair that I’m feeling now.


hurrah for coffee!

In the interest of fairness and accuracy, it is my pleasure to report here that the little brouhaha on coffee restrictions in the office have been pleasantly cleared up to everyone’s satisfaction.  Our boss clarified that he never issued such a policy and it turns out that it was just some sort of an unofficial advisory from the finance people concerned over the overhead expenses. The boss himself clarified that he’s very much willing to let the staff have all the coffee they want and offered to hook us up on I.V. drip if we want.  So that’s that.

After that’s been cleared up, one of the staunchest opponents of the coffee rule found out that she’s pregnant, and so can’t drink coffee anyway.  One of life’s little jokes.  That, and the five-day workweek.

you’ve got to be kidding me…

In my classic tradition of using my blogs as venue to vent, I just want to post this small rant:

A new office policy just filtered down from the Finance Department declaring that from now on, brewed coffee will no longer be regularly available to employees.  To rank-and-file employees, that is.  The bosses (all three of them) of course have the right to ask for coffee whenever they want, and then the rest of us will just have to scramble for the dregs or whatever’s left.

Now I’ve only been in the company for a measly three months, and I really don’t want to be a troublemaker, but this just won’t do.  Don’t they know that coffee is a vital necessity to ensure optimum efficiency, not to mention maintain basic sanity, among employees? I cannot function without my early morning (and after lunch for that matter) fix! I’ll be reduced to a blear-eyed, gloomy, yet frazzled mess babbling nonsense during client meetings.  One of the best things I discovered when I started working here was that there was an office manang who would tirelessly brew coffee for everyone at least twice a day, and even when that runs out I could always make my own.  In fact, I distinctly remember the HR officer telling me in the beginning that there’s free flowing coffee and that I should consider that as one of the benefits. Hhhmm, according to the Labor Code there should be no diminution of employee benefits, you know.  And for that matter, this is discrimination to the coffee-drinking segment of the office workforce! It remains to be seen whether this new rule will actually be implemented, but should it come to that, well. This means war.  To my officemates who are in my friendster network, I say this: I will not go down quietly. I will defend my rights to free brewed coffee! Down with coffee fascism! Let us unite and – okay, I have to go home now.