temporary miracle

It’s very difficult nowadays to get our countrymen to feel proud of being a Filipino, given with all that’s happening with the country, but yesterday, the impossible happened. The nation set everything aside (laundry, the jeepney route, yes, even political bickering – just for a moment) and cheered, jeered, cried, placed bets, and generally rallied behind countryman Manny Pacquiao as he slugged it out with Mexican Erik Morales. It didn’t matter whether they were boxing fans or not to begin with, it only mattered that a Filipino was fighting. It only mattered that there was national pride at stake.

By early morning or early afternoon (depends on which telecast you’re watching, the live or the delayed one), the whole country is rejoicing over the victory, and for a while, everyone was proud to be Filipino (or at the very least, proud of a fellow Filipino).

“Sana magkaintindihan na po tayong lahat (I hope we’ll all finally end our differences).” Pacquiao said after the fight, apparently referring to the almost constant discord racking the country.

Oh, Pacquiao, if only a super featherweight title is enough to make that happen.


2 thoughts on “temporary miracle

  1. Don February 11, 2006 at 8:00 pm Reply

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  2. J Gabriel February 12, 2006 at 2:55 pm Reply

    oo-nga. during those brief, shining moments, with eyes glued to tv sets across the globe… even as far away as Maine, USA, watching the telecast over a YM webcam pointed at a television screen in the philippines… i felt inspired by our unity. nagulat ako, parang, “aba… yun pala, may mahal para sa inang bayan natin.” with all the struggle of defining my identity as a person of color in what is a seriously white-dominated, anti-minority society… as a marginalized asian among other asian americans… as a filipino living in america, constantly forced to prove his authenticity to both FilAms and Filipinos alike…

    …it all goes away when I set my eyes, and remind my heart.

    My cause is the Philippines.

    ingat, rina…


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