and now, a public service announcement

My mind is so full. Pissed off, depressed, demoralized, in despair. In despair over my lost phone. I torture myself with what-ifs and you-should-haves. Or, more to the point, shouldn’t have.  Shouldn’t have been stupid enough to use the phone inside a jeepney, and a jeepney with wide open windows at that.  Pissed off that during those few seconds of struggle with the snatcher, with your arm hanging out the jeepney window, it
didn’t occur to you to use your other hand, dammit, maybe bash the guy’s face in, at least grab a handful of hair.  All I did was struggle for a few seconds while screaming “Huwaaagg!” (I swear that was what I screamed. So melodramatic)

What I should have screamed, of couse, was “8210 lang yan, bitawan mo na!” but the struggle didn’t last long enough for that.  My shocked fingers slackened for the tiniest bit of a second, and it was all he needed, and off he went.

The phone itself is such an old model it’s so cheap, and I was able to make my dazed way to the nearest landline phone to cancel my Globe
line, but of course the cost of actually replacing the phone and reconstructing the directory is the real pain in the ass.  My priority was to buy a laptop, dammit! Every spare cent was supposed to go the laptop fund!

And of course, there’s the trauma.  My hands were trembling right after it happened, and I was walking around half-dazed for about half an hour longer.  From Quezon   City, I found myself at the Ayala MRT station, where was almost out of the station when I realized that I should have gotten off at Magallanes.  It was only after I placed a short payphone call to Don to tell him about it and let him know I was all right, and after consuming some French fries (what could I do, I was shocked and hungry), that I began to recover.  I was even able to write down all these.

*wipes smudges of bacon mushroom melt from paper*

Basically, folks, this is to tell you that I lost my phone and to ask you to send me your mobile numbers through email or friendster message.  I know, I know, most of you are saying “Oh, sheesh, here she goes again, losing a phone/eyeglasses/wallet/whatever like once a year.” Believe me, I’ve castigated myself over it already.

I haven’t figured out when can I get a replacement phone (anybody out there want to give me one?) and whether I want to keep my number or switch to prepaid, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I guess, I’ll do what I should have done long ago and keep a file of all your numbers.


3 thoughts on “and now, a public service announcement

  1. Don March 6, 2006 at 9:27 am Reply

    It was Anna, your officemate from Eon, who informed me that your phone was snatched while you were inside a jeepney along East Avenue. At that time, I was several kilometers away working in Burdeos, Quezon in the Polillos. I was lucky cellular signal was already present in that area.

    Of course, I’m pissed as you are that you had to lose your phone yet again and in that awful manner. It was untimely, too, that it happened on the eve of our first anniversary. Di na nga tayo magkasama nung araw na ‘yun tapos nawala pa yung kaisa-isang paraan na pwede nating batiin ang isa’t-isa. Hay…

    Pero di bale… The good thing is you’re safe and you didn’t incur any major injury ensuing from the struggle. Don’t worry, we’ll get you a new phone soon enough.

    Also, good thing you memorized my mobile number. Whew!


  2. J Gabriel March 10, 2006 at 1:26 am Reply

    Hi Rina,

    I’m sorry to hear of this most unfortunate event. It’s not so much the phone itself–though it is most definitely a hassle and a half–but the nature of what happened. Ma & Dad always remind me that material belongings are never worth risking my safety, and that should anyone ever hold me up, mug, or otherwise attempt to rob me, I should simply submit whatever they want. I don’t necessarily believe in this principle, and tend to think that I would rather break the offender’s teeth, thus keeping my possessions and person intact. But in the Philippines, the risks can be different.

    I’m glad to hear that you made it through unscathed, and that KuyaD was available for emotional support. I hope you savored the bacon mushroom melt!


  3. J Gabriel March 30, 2006 at 12:38 pm Reply

    I believe the time is now ripe for a new Rina post! 🙂


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