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April 22-23, 2005 (weekend)

  • took home office laptop and worked on strategy paper due on Monday. On a topic which I felt I was only beginning understand last Friday.

April 24 (Monday)

  • three of us hastily put together whatever we had on the paper. I’m afraid the output sorely reflected the fact that three of us wrote it, written while juggling other tasks and struggling with late nights and personal distractions and whatnot. Remember thesis days, arrggghs…
  • the email message mika wrote when sending me the consolidated draft read: “Woot. Sumasakit na ulo ko sa puyat at gutom.” Quote of the week, easily.
  • Dinner was an impromptu home-cooked meal at abby’s place. Abby had wine and pasta, we went to the grocery for other supplies (including double-layer fudge chocolate cake, mmm). Jaypee made chicken parmigiana, Abby did a shortcut carbonara sauce involving nido soup, while I, well, I was in charge of washing and tearing the lettuce and slicing the baguette since that’s basically all I could be trusted with. We were quite pleased with the results. For a spur-of-the-moment dinner among friends who don’t even see each other that often, our four-course dinner (yes, four, abby insisted that the nido soup counts) was not bad at all. I think by midnight we were still determinedly making our way through the chocolate cake. Sigh, wish there’d more nights like that.

April 25, 2006 (Tuesday)

  • Got to meet Don’s cousin Joann who’s visiting from Boston. Digital pictures from that night (I really hope they won’t end up online somewhere, please, guys) made me realize yet again how huge I’ve become. Must be the double-layer fudge chocolate cake. And years of regret.

April 26 (Wednesday)


  • Bo-boo. Was walking back to the office from a meeting when my sandals decided to give out on me. Disgruntled. Sat at a flowerbox while wondering what to do. Take a cab home and get another pair of shoes? Take a cab to the mall and buy another pair of shoes? Take a cab to the office and wing it from there? The office, by the way, was just a few blocks away. Mika chose that time to send me a text message telling me about a meeting that afternoon and asking “Til what time ka dyan?” I was like, umm, it kinda depends. I called her and screamed my frustration, and finally Rondell, my knight-in-shining-armor-with-havaianas-to-the-rescue (thanks, Rondell!), came and picked me up. “You’ll find me in that street near Greenbelt Park sitting on a flowerbox and sulking,” I told him. And he did.

It’s only Wednesday. Who knows what the rest of the week has in store for me?




another one bites the dust

Was quite disheartened when I read this. He stayed kicking and fighting for a while, until apparently it became too much. One can’t even blame him for not continuing to work under those conditions. One wonders, though, how things like this happen under everyone’s noses and nothing’s being done about it.

There are good people in government, I know there are. It’s just that today, there’s one less.

boats against the current

Was just reading about some law, which, when it was first passed a couple of years ago was described by its sponsors as a “happy compromise.” The intent being, of course, was to lead people to believe that everybody’s best interests were taken into account, and the final product stands to equitably benefit all.

Compromise. Bleah. A compromise is an agreement between or among those capable of speaking out, and are actually being listened to. In short, those with money influence. It does not necessarily benefit the greater good, since the greater number of people are often marginalized – unaware, ignored, or otherwise unheard.

Compromises can’t always be wrong, I guess, but these kinds of compromises are why have so many watered-down laws – originally bills which somehow, as they went through the corrupt tedious legislative mill, wandered farther and farther away from their original intentions as the need to pander to various vested interests arose.

Not that serious, determined advocates are that thin on the ground. I have seen people unbending in their convictions and untiring in their efforts, only to be seen as idealistic, naïve, unrealistic, or even “noisy agitators.” As the others continue to wheedle and wheedle for these so-called “compromises.”

But still. We go on, working, waiting. “The defenses will hold,” as Aragorn promised Gandalf. The turn of the tide.

coping by blogging

Been wanting to post, but I’m much too busy chasing deadlines as well as various information all over cyberspace to gather a coherent entry. Taking the easy way out, here’s sampling of the various thoughts swimming in my head these days:

  • I’m totally loving the Senate right now
  • I’m also contemplating a post entitled “The people’s initiative and other forms of delusion,” but at the rate I’m going I doubt if that will go beyond the contemplation stage. Similar thoughts.
  • It’s so frustrating how government officials can be fired (or discreetly replaced) for doing too good a job, just to appease the vested interests they have affected.
  • I’m wondering at the odds of being approached by a pollster, what will all these opinion polls coming out every few weeks or so. I’ll be kind to the interviewer, I promise. I remember a stint doing shopper interviews at an upscale mall years back. People were so rude.
  • I must say, Chris Daughtry has totally grown on me.
  • Great scientific discoveries are often preceded by decades of miserable failures. When they say that we stand on the shoulders of giants, “giant” actually means dead, totally wrong scientists piled on top of one another.
  • And, just for the record, I love Firefox.


“I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days hit me all at once.”

so long, then

The entry on my
planner for this coming Friday reads: “CRAZY DEADLINE.” Tons of stuff to read,
not to mention write, in order to make Crazy Deadline.  Don’t know where to start. So what do I do? De-stress
for a few minutes by writing blog update.
* * *

 (First day of
long holiday. Person A’s mobile phone rings. An officemate is on the other line.)

Person A: “Hello. O bakit?”

Person B: “Hello, kumusta ka na?”

Person A: “Hindi mo ko tinawagan para kumustahin ako. Anong
kailangan mo, pababalikin mo ba ko sa opisina?“

Person B: „Ikaw
naman,hindi ka man lang marunong ng
small talk, kinukumusta ka lang e“

Person A: „I
don’t do small talk. Bakit ka tumawag?”

Moral of the
story: Don’t mess with a person’s long weekend.


Person A: (struggling
with Photoshop intricacies)
“Pucha, magulong buhay to a.” (after a few
minutes, finally manages to get the effect she wants)
Yehey, yess!

Person B: (ume-epal)
“Wow galing! Paglaki ko, gusto kong maging katulad mo”

Person A: “P_ta!”

Person C:  (naki-alam pa) “Pwede
ba, Lunes pa lang.
Sa Huwebes na
kayo magpatayan!”

This coming
Friday really scares me.

 * * *

Okay, that
was the last time you will see your inbox cluttered by “Rina has just updated
her Friendster blog” messages. Whether
or not I have updated my blog, I know it does not necessarily mean that you
would want to know about it. I just
couldn’t turn that feature off, that’s all. To spare you the bother and me the embarrassment (of posting completely
nonsense entries and having it automatically announced like some breaking
news), I would rather post my nonsensical babblings here, and you’ll never have to
bother yourself about it ever again.

Unless for some
sick weird reason you do want to bother yourself with it, in which case,
well, feel free to visit

so here i go again

I don’t exactly have an impressive track record when it comes to keeping journals, whether it’s a pen-and-paper or an online one. Entries would come in erratically, sometimes coming in several times a week, then nothing for months on end. In this fashion my notebooks sometimes took years to fill up.

But fill up they eventually would, because no matter how distracted or busy or lazy i become, at some time point I would feel the need to rant, reflect, recount. And I would write. It can be some silly thing, or some indignant tirade I just had to get off my chest, or a Bridget Jones knock off. Whatever. I would write. There’s always that.

I put this in the cover page of my first online journal, and every word still rings true:

“Come my unseen, my unknown, let us talk together,”

-Katherine Mansfield says upon beginning a journal.

My officemates like to look over at me gleefully whenever they hear me talking (read: shrieking, singing, scolding, otherwise mumbling crazily) to myself. I really can’t understand why people who talk to themselves are regarded as sort of off (athough in my case that might have some merit). I think it’s perfectly healthy, if I don’t do it I will explode.

Diary-keepers, I think, will fully understand this. We keep our journals as our outlets, as extensions of ourselves, as best friends. We pour upon it all the best and worst versions of ourselves. More than a record of things that happen to us, it’s a moving map of our minds, of our “unseen,” our “unknown.” We must write, or we will explode.

Or we want a place where we can be just plain silly.

That diary, an anonymous one that allowed me to pour in all my embarrassing, blackmail-worthy scribblings for a couple of years, unfortunately met with disaster when some foul up at the site deleted all my entries. Thankfully, there exists a printout of what entries I managed to download at some point, but that’s strictly for private consumption now. In fact, the only reason that I’m now admitting to authoring the diary was because I know people won’t be able to read what I wrote there anymore. I think I’ll miss the anonymity that diary offered, but well, I also think that I’m too old not to take full responsibility for what I write, no matter how silly.

Yes, let me be silly, let me be insane. I can’t help being any other way anyway.

no monday blues here

it’s the beginning of a two-day workweek and you know what?

cue james brown…

I feel good! (tanenananenum…)

never mind the pile of work waiting next week…
never mind that i haven’t gone to the gym in a couple of weeks and have only been averaging once a week since i joined up…
never mind that for some weird insane reason i have to read up on taxation (as i told a co-worker, i didn’t exactly sit down and list my reasons for not going to law school but if i ever did avoiding taxation will probably be somewhere on that list)…
never mind that my desk looks like a hurricane went through it…
never mind that the summer heat is really here in full swing…

i feeeel fine!  (tanenananenum…)

wala lang, he he….