so long, then

The entry on my
planner for this coming Friday reads: “CRAZY DEADLINE.” Tons of stuff to read,
not to mention write, in order to make Crazy Deadline.  Don’t know where to start. So what do I do? De-stress
for a few minutes by writing blog update.
* * *

 (First day of
long holiday. Person A’s mobile phone rings. An officemate is on the other line.)

Person A: “Hello. O bakit?”

Person B: “Hello, kumusta ka na?”

Person A: “Hindi mo ko tinawagan para kumustahin ako. Anong
kailangan mo, pababalikin mo ba ko sa opisina?“

Person B: „Ikaw
naman,hindi ka man lang marunong ng
small talk, kinukumusta ka lang e“

Person A: „I
don’t do small talk. Bakit ka tumawag?”

Moral of the
story: Don’t mess with a person’s long weekend.


Person A: (struggling
with Photoshop intricacies)
“Pucha, magulong buhay to a.” (after a few
minutes, finally manages to get the effect she wants)
Yehey, yess!

Person B: (ume-epal)
“Wow galing! Paglaki ko, gusto kong maging katulad mo”

Person A: “P_ta!”

Person C:  (naki-alam pa) “Pwede
ba, Lunes pa lang.
Sa Huwebes na
kayo magpatayan!”

This coming
Friday really scares me.

 * * *

Okay, that
was the last time you will see your inbox cluttered by “Rina has just updated
her Friendster blog” messages. Whether
or not I have updated my blog, I know it does not necessarily mean that you
would want to know about it. I just
couldn’t turn that feature off, that’s all. To spare you the bother and me the embarrassment (of posting completely
nonsense entries and having it automatically announced like some breaking
news), I would rather post my nonsensical babblings here, and you’ll never have to
bother yourself about it ever again.

Unless for some
sick weird reason you do want to bother yourself with it, in which case,
well, feel free to visit


2 thoughts on “so long, then

  1. Don April 17, 2006 at 10:37 pm Reply

    I was around when one of those conversations took place. Almost thought you were gonna bite someone’s head off! 🙂


  2. Mika April 18, 2006 at 3:21 am Reply

    Hey, that’s me! Cool!


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