baby aspire

“I Aspire.”
Truman Capote’s motto (or the motto of a character in a Truman Capote story, I’m not sure)

Well. It was bound to happen sometime. After years of dreaming and hoping, I’m finally the proud owner of a brand new laptop. As I type these words out, I’m wearing a silly grin on my face. He hee… It’s an Acer Aspire 5502WXMi (I know because it says so right in this sticker here, not because I have it memorized, mind you). It’s got 60 GB of hard disk space, it writes on DVD, it’s wifi-capable (of course), it’s got that snazzy crystalbrite LCD deal – I like it. Of course a Mac would have been much cuter, but with what I can afford, I’m definitely satisfied with this one. Don was asking what would I name it (his Dell laptop is named Optimus Prime, something that in itself can be analyzed some other time), and I was like, do I have to? Hhmm, I don’t know. Right now I’m just calling it my baby, he he.

My old PC, that 16 MB Pentium MMX clunker (but which nevertheless painstakingly brought me through my thesis), now sits forlornly in my room, all dusty and with parts disengaged from each other. I haven’t really been using it that much the past few years; it’s so old and slow it got so that one would have to wait a few seconds after typing before the words would appear. I guess at the hands of somebody more tech-savvy it would have gotten the proper upgrades and stuff, but I’ve always been really witless about such things and I never had the spare money anyway. A few months ago it stopped working altogether. I know I should have had it repaired, but I was so dead-set on getting a laptop I didn’t even want to spend on the PC anymore and wanted to sink every spare penny on the laptop fund. I should probably pay more attention to it now. I can still see it playing some role, maybe as the first office PC of the business that as of now just exists in occasional musings among my friends, when we dream of quitting the 9-6 grind and go off and be our own bosses. I do this, incidentally, with two different sets of friends. I guess everybody at one point or another has toyed with the idea.

We go one dream at a time, though. Today, laptop, tomorrow the world? Not exactly. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “baby aspire

  1. don June 6, 2006 at 3:18 am Reply

    Congratulations again! Things are really looking good for you, hehe 😀 I bet this baby’s gonna get alot of lovin’ and accessorizing from her mommy… So what’s the next big thing in queue? Car, perhaps? 😛 Gosh, I wish Optimus was as light as your new laptop. After 6 months, the weight is just getting to me…


  2. noreen June 6, 2006 at 9:23 am Reply

    clarissa’s laptop is named constantine. take a wild guess kung saan galing iyong pangalan na yun 😛


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