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post-traumatic syndrome notes

Just got back from a two-day trip to Cebu where we organized a seminar at one of the universities. In the midst of office chaos once again, with the morning deluge of newspaper clippings, sounds of people yelling, coffee maker brewing, faxes sending. At this moment, I am suffering from a slight headache caused by a combination of late nights, a few beers, stress and post-adrenaline rush syndrome that accompanied the stress. Whew. Two seminars down, four to go. We will be off to Bacolod and Dumaguete the weekend after next to hold the next two seminars. In the meantime, well, I’m nursing a slight headache, after a couple days spent running around worrying about organization and details (not my strong points). Just some examples of the bloopers that various members of the team committed in the midst of all the running around (Note: I’m biased, so only one of the following bloopers was committed by me. I’m not telling which one, though. Never mind my other bloopers, you really don’t need to know)

  • Got on the wrong plane and had to get off again (like, who cares to remember flight numbers anyway? The plane was going to Cebu after all, except that the luggage was on the other plane, which was delayed and left an hour later).
  • Fell asleep on the plane slumped against the arm of the young male celebrity we hired to host the affair. Said blunder was committed because the arm was mistaken for a headrest. She fell asleep going, wow, ang lambot ng headrest. Duh.
  • The plaque of appreciation was handed to the host school representative still encased in bubble wrap. Great photo-op. (One cardinal rule of event management: pay attention to details. Which, in that case, we obviously did not)
  • Almost lost peach girlie wallet containing all the receipts and cash for the entire trip. Loss would have been equivalent to almost a month’s worth of salary. Said wallet, which was carelessly left lying around on top of the secretariat table, was fortunately found by another teammate. Whew.
  • Still another teammate had the presence of mind to take photos of the press con venue while everything was still being set up, but forgot all about photos during the press con itself. The resulting photo documentation was a couple of photos of an empty function room strewn with banners with the client’s brand.

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my first food entry, mmm

this is a rather belated entry, but for the record, here are the food items i brought back from my five-day-three-city Visayan work trip last week:

  • from Cebu: dried mangoes
  • from Bacolod: butter scotch, pastillas de manga, tuna chicharon, cream meringue, napoleones, macapuno candy, jar of spicy herrings in olive oil and capers
  • from Dumaguete: silvanas

Okay, I know you think that I’m a complete glutton who totally deserves her weight, but let me clarify that the stuff’s mostly pasalubong, and not for me at all. I did not keep even a single package for myself, except for the macapuno candy which I forgot about and is now kind of moldy and – well, not edible. What I did was give them to other people and then eat a piece or two after they’ve opened the packages, he he. Simple and efficient. It satisfied my urge to taste everything and my duty to give pasalubong, while still avoiding the onset of diabetes due to sheer gluttony.

So that’s as far as the stuff I brought from Visayas goes. These, obviously, did not even manage to leave the island where they were baked:

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