exhaustingly satisfying… i want more!

We’re inundated with projects left and right, I haven’t had more than 4 hours’ worth of sleep at a time in more than a week, my allergies are acting up because of the stress, my eyes are turning red for no particular reason, I just received what arguably was my worst tongue-lashing at work yesterday which I haven’t really gotten over yet – all these are going on, and yet I just have to stop for a few minutes and write about the humongous food trip that was my Bacolod weekend.

One of my priorities was to go back to the Pala-Pala Restaurant in 18th St., and come dinnertime I dragged Mika and Nini over there to partake of a delightful – and, admittedly, excessive – feast. There were three of us, and we ordered sinigang, calamares, sisig, and grilled tanigue (at least I think it was tanigue. Can’t remember. It was a heady time). The sinigang came in this humongous bowl one can practically swim in – and while I preferred the sinigang I had the first time I came there (different kind of fish maybe. Plus I didn’t do the ordering that time), it was still marvelous. My favorite was the grilled fish. And oh, we had gallons of the bottomless iced tea, served diligently by the ever-attentive waiters who kept filling up our glasses, until Nini finally said, in an almost tearful voice, “Tama na po,” to the waiter who asked us if we wanted some more.


Having had our fill of the dinner, we headed out to the next destination in the agenda: Calea, located just around the corner from the Pala-pala. We knew we were too full from the dinner, and realized we should have paced ourselves, but we just couldn’t miss going to the city’s most famous dessert place (thanks again for the directions, jules!). And oh. my. god. When we got to the place we spent like ten minutes just gushing over the display at the counter, going back and forth from the main counter to the refrigerator display, just exclaiming “wow!” “gosh!” “pretty!” and more of such inanities. You’d think we’ve never seen cakes in Manila. Of course we have. It was just, I don’t know, special. The giddines was just slightly marred when the waitress stopped us from taking photos of the counter display. My mouth, which was already opened and gaping from all the gushing, fell open a bit more as I was struck speechless for a moment. Bawal daw. Okay, then, what about when the cake’s already at my table? Surely we can take pictures then, right? I think I would have stood there and argued about my constitutionally guaranteed right to take pictures of my own cake till kingdom come, but thankfully I didn’t have to because the woman immediately said that we could take pictures at our table. We finally settled on these beauties:


chocolate cake


strawberry cheesecake.


banana parfait


all together now… oh my gosh.


broken glass cake. pretty!

It took us a looong time to plow through the cakes, since of course we were still struggling to digest all that seafood to make more room in our stomachs. I am ashamed to say I was not able to finish all of my chocolate cake, and that it pains my heart now to remember that small piece left on my plate. At the time, though, it was simply too much.

After that, I thought I was all ready to head back to the hotel and crash, but Mika’s Bacolod friend Sophie had other ideas. We went to Kuppa for a pot of some sort of strawberry green tea. Kuppa is a beautifully decorated coffee and tea shop – they actually have design sketches of the place framed and displayed all over. And all we could think about was, “Sana ganito bahay ko.”


feeling hacienderas at the sugarland hotel

For that matter, at one time or another we were also thinking, “Can we move to Bacolod?”


4 thoughts on “exhaustingly satisfying… i want more!

  1. noreen September 15, 2006 at 9:17 am Reply

    waaah, ang sarap naman tingnan nyan. now im craving for a slice of cake… kahit anong klase, basta keyk!



  2. juls September 15, 2006 at 4:19 pm Reply

    “pains my heart now to remember that small piece left on my plate” – hahahah… good one!

    i’m glad you enjoyed your foodtrip in bacolod. Mmmmm!!! I can taste the parfait from here! You simply have great eye for photographing cakes! Especially the cheesecake. was the broken glass cake good? i haven’t tried it yet. As for kuppa, mejo maykamahalan pero for the ambience and food sophistication sulit sya. Sometimes I laugh at some of my Manila friends who still has this preconceived notion that dining in bacolod only consists of inasal. It’s provincial but not so provincial. Kun sana lang may Calea dito sa Manila!

    next place you should eat:BIGBY’S (inside Gaisano Mall along Araneta Street)… it’s like TGIF with food ranging from P100-170. I had talangka pasta which was very good and heady. Their katsudon platter is really good as well. Quality for price is sulit.

    Bar21. (along 21st street) – I thought this fine dining resto is saksakan sa mahal, but i was pleasantly surprised that their prices are reasonably cheap. Their batchoy is highly recommended.

    BOB’s – a Bacolod institution. nuff said. ask a Negrense, and he/she will swear on Bob’s.


  3. juls September 15, 2006 at 4:25 pm Reply


    Chicken House- best grilled spareribs in town, and their inasal is really great!

    Krua Thai – a Cebu franchise. Very sulit Thai food.

    Pepe’s- an restobar located at 2nd floor of Piazza Sorrento at 13th st. Same owners of Chicken House (Cajili family). GREAT GREAT FUSION FOOD. Dyan ko lang na try na appetizer na chicken liver wrapped in bacon and drizzled with basil oil. unlikely combo but oh so yum yum. More upscale sya but the food is really really good. The prices are more reasonable than those in Manila.


  4. wolverina September 16, 2006 at 8:13 am Reply

    oops, forgot the photo credits – the strawberry cheesecake, banana parfait, and broken glass cake photos are mika’s – plus it was her camera, which i just snagged for a while to snap a couple of photos of my own, he he.

    thanks for the tips! i don’t know when i’ll be back in bacolod, but whenever that may be, i’ll definitely check those places out!


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