Chalk it up to the typhoon statistics: one broken umbrella, suffered at around 8 am, September 28, at that street from Pasong Tamo going to Makati Med. It was a new umbrella at that, bought it just last Saturday. I liked it, it was one of those nifty folding ones that opens and closes at the push of a button. Now it’s well, shattered.

Imagine having this bearing down on you:


I read that Milenyo was compared in intensity to the typhoon Rosing in 1995. I remember Rosing. Somewhere in my old journals, there’s a clipping of a news article chronicling its effects, accompanied with a picture of a man wading neck-deep in floods. “It was a like a typhoon that had a chainsaw,” one government official described Rosing, as he conducted an aerial survey of the damage. And indeed, in the wake of Milenyo, the streets of Manila are littered with branches – even entire trees – felled by the winds. It’s a nightmare for urban greening advocates.

But good news, of course, for anti-ugly-billboard advocates, as the huge things proved to be no match against a – well, Signal No. 3 Storm lang naman. But I’m wondering, can anybody tell me if that lurid giant TV in southbound EDSA-Guadalupe made it? I wish it’s been smashed to smithereens by now. The thing is so bright and ugly and hazardous you’d think it’s got to be illegal one way or another.

We spent the day at the office yesterday doing what we can without electricity – making phone calls, reading up on stuff, paperwork – while my boss worked feverishly, racing against the battery time of her laptop. It was late afternoon by the time she gave up and sent us home. I later learned that after leaving the office, she and the admin officer went around looking for a temporary office space with a generator where we can move to just in case the power’s not restored by today. We came this close to holding offices at Starbucks, or some hotel nearby. I think I would have liked the change of scenery. But come morning, they’ve managed to restore electricity at least in the Makati central business district, and we’re off at our usual feverish working pace, with a little more dash of panic added in as we struggle to catch up with the previous day’s delay. We’re organizing a conference which will happen in China, of all places, in a couple of weeks, and so things were understandably hectic.

And so here I am, at 5:30 in the afternoon, sneaking in some blogging time while the fax machine hums beside me sending its gazillionth invite of the day. Talk about multi-tasking. Talk about coping mechanisms, te-hee.

I really miss those days when, at this time, I would be thinking about going home. These days, at this time, why, my day’s practically just halfway through.


3 thoughts on “binagyo

  1. talespin October 2, 2006 at 8:29 am Reply

    Starbucks as a temporary office?! Hahaha! Far out!! I can just imagine you getting it from your boss in front of gawking customers at the smoking area. Hihihihi…


  2. don October 2, 2006 at 11:36 am Reply

    Mali talaga timing nitong bagyong ito. Yun lang masasabi ko…


  3. noreen October 4, 2006 at 4:39 am Reply

    huwat? may pasok kayo noong kasagsagan ng bagyo? kabaliwan! hehehe


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