here’s hoping

I’m not liveblogging the Oscars or anything like that (for one thing, I’m at work, nya ha), but I am monitoring the news updates. I’m not well-versed in the contenders for the major categories (I had to ask someone how come a the last king of scotland turns out to be about a ugandan dictator, what’s up with that?), but what I’m watching out for is for an inconvenient truth to win the best documentary award. And I’m hoping that the award will not just be token gesture of appreciation for Al Gore’s climate change campaign – sige, points for effort, since you made such a big deal about it, giving you the award would be the politically-correct thing to do anyway – but be the start of genuine steps taken towards curbing climate change. taking steps would be inconvenient as hell, granted, but are we ready for the consequences of not caring, and of not taking that extra step?

UPDATE: It won. Hah.


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