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128 and counting

Just blogged about news feeds, this has got to be one of the saddest news feeds I’ve ever gotten:

2 teachers killed in torching of Batangas school

We all know that a teacher serving as an election officer has a very difficult and thankless job, and yet we ask our teachers to do it every election, and every election these heroes muster up the needed energy and dedication. Must we ask them to give up their lives as well?

“Two teachers were killed and at least five other people injured when fire engulfed a school building in Taysan town early Tuesday after unidentified armed men poured gasoline inside ballot boxes and set these ablaze, police said.”

We’re talking of one precint here that was attacked. There were six ballot boxes in the precint, two of which were destroyed by the fire. One precint. Six ballot boxes. That’s equivalent to what, a couple of thousand votes? Here we are hearing reports of how election-cheating has become very sophisticated, and we hear something like this where two people died for a couple of ballot boxes.

“[The police] declined to comment on whether they considered the incident election-related…”

“ appeared unlikely politics was the motive for the arson”

I cannot for the life of me figure out where the hell does he get off saying that when it was the ballot that was literally attacked.

An earlier news feed said: Poll death toll hits 126 in 215 incidents – PNP

Make that 128.

Ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo?


news feeds

During one my compulsive checks on my live bookmarks a few minutes ago, my attention was caught by this new feed from the GMA 7 site:

Soldiers, cops arrest 4 young kids of ‘JI bomber’ in Sulu raid

Arrest? I clicked on the link and true enough, they did say arrest:

“Four children of alleged Indonesian bomber Dulmatin – all no more than nine years old – were arrested early Friday morning during a raid in Simunol Island in Tawi-tawi, Sulu.

Elements of the Navy, Marines and National Police arrested the children in Bacung village at 5:30 a.m. The kids were aged 9, 7, 5 and 2.”

Can they even do that to nine-year olds who just happen to be children of alleged terrorists? I was already mentally sifting through other possible phases that can used – “taken into custody,” perhaps? They didn’t actually read those kinds their Miranda right and line them up for mug shots, right?

Thankfully, the Inquirer news update has a more neutral way of putting it:

4 children of alleged JI bomber found in Tawi-Tawi raid


The other day the Inquirer news feed reported the hi-jacking of a Security Bank armored van a few hours after it happened right outside our building. Unfortunately, the report only consisted of two sentences and was citing from a radio report besides. The report was updated again a few hours later with a few more details, saying that the armored van, which was parked in front of the bank, was taken by men who arrived in an Isuzu Trooper and a Toyota Vios who somehow were able to board the van and drive it away, leaving the Vios behind (yeah, that was sort of a confused and long sentence, I know, but you get the idea). What the reports or the subsequent newspaper articles didn’t mention, though, was that after the robbery the street was covered in oil slick. I know, I almost slipped on it myself while crossing Rufino on my back from lunch, clueless as to what just happened. According to our building’s security guard, the robbers were the robbers’ way of delaying the authorities’ pursuit? Eh? Like those cartoons were the pursuer would slip on something and then comically wobble on the floor before collapsing in a heap? Maybe it came from the Vios? Was it used to ram the van or something? The Vios looked fine to me. At least it didn’t look like it just went through a head-on with an armored van. We never really figured it out, and there were already many uziseros milling about that we just gawked at the Vios for a minute and then went back to the office. So the details on the Trooper and such I got from the news feed.

News feeds are one of the ways in which I distract and keep myself updated these days. Unfortunately, it seems like everyday I see some report of election-related violence in the feeds. It’s true what they say, really. Reading/watching the news can just depress the hell out of you.

questions, questions, questions

this is a very self-indulgent entry that only updated heroes fanatics will be able to understand or relate to. for the others, spoilers and confusion await. kung nakaka-relate ka, feel free to add your own questions and theories 😀

  • ano ang papel ni linderman sa big explosion? does the fact that the explosion happened mean that micah failed too in whatever it was linderman wanted him to do? What was it that linderman wanted him to do?
  • kung iba na yung future na binalikan ni future hiro after warning peter petrelli sa train (because peter after all was able to save the cheerleader), bakit meron pa rin sya nung artworks and newspaper clippings of the past in which sylar was able to kill claire and other alternate versions of the past? baon ba nya yun when he went back to the past para may documentation sya ng lahat ng possible permutations of reality for his string theory? di naman sya mukhang bulky nung kinausap nya si peter sa train a
  • so now hiro’s off to kill sylar, not knowing that peter was the bomb. now what?
  • bakit di na lang nila patayin si ted para matanggal na yung threat ng explosion once and for all?
  • is it just me o hindi talaga bagay sina peter at nikki? (i last saw him kissing rory gilmore, for crying out loud)
  • does future hiro ever regain his lost innocence and enthusiasm? I hope he does! I need that Hiro to survive for Season 2!
  • bakit hindi nalaman ni peter na hindi si nathan si nathan? di ba nya napapansin na may naaabsorb syang ibang powers pag nalalapit sya kay nathan?
  • theoretically, dapat matalo ni peter si sylar kasi he can have all of sylar’s powers in addition to his own, right?
  • gano katindi yung injury na na-suffer ni peter at hindi gumaling yung scar sa mukha nya?
  • ano ang power ni lola petrelli?
  • bakit ang pangit ng boyfriend ni claire?

i can go on and on, but then i won’t get any work done. i can’t wait to watch the remainder of the season, and at the same time i know i’ll miss this delicious excitement. hay, this is addiction.


a glimpse of hiro in future hiro