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waiting for sept. 24

Posted on: July 28, 2007

Behold, my new wallpaper:


Heroes Season 2 returning cast

Dang, Sylar is just too interesting to die.

(Thanks to Sir Martin for the tip)

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5 Responses to "waiting for sept. 24"

hala. the countdown begins. :)

Sylar is also playing Mr. Spock in the next “Star Trek” movie. Can you believe that? Kamukha din naman ;-)

Too bad Ando won’t be around. Love the cheerleader outfit on Cheerverine, though (but it’s blue!)

hopped over from Beng’s blog.

Cool wallpaper. I was going to say something about Sylar being Spock but I got beaten to the punch.

dom, swipe (nice to “meet” you swipe!): um, i think i have to confess at this point that my heroes devotion notwithstanding, i’m actually not much into sci-fi and have never watched star trek. i had to do a google image search to check which one was spock (don’t crucify me!). but having seen which one he was, you’re right dom, there’s sort of a likeness, he he…

can’t wait for sept. 24! sobrang excited ako sa new season nito. aaarrggghh!

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