Punong Pinoy

I’ve posted this over at Samu’t-Saring Buhay, but I thought I’d post it here for good measure. It illustrates the message of using trees that are indigenous to the country in doing tree-planting/reforestation activities. Makes a lot of sense, really, but you’d be surprised how many alien trees have been planted here just because they grow faster. They do grow faster, and would do fine if what you want is a plantation or a tree-lined avenue, but if the intent is forest restoration you’re much better off using the kind of trees that naturally thrive in those forests in the first place.

These videos were commissioned by the Trees for Life campaign. If you’re interested in knowing more or in helping Trees for Life, call Clean and Green Foundation at 63-2-5276376 or 78 or email cgfi@itextron.com, or share these videos to your friends.


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