what’s our role here?

So after several hours of self-righteous indignation, and waiting for the people’s support which never came, Sen. Trillanes and Gen. Lim’s group agreed to stand down. Before that I was all tense and worried, thinking that this could not possibly end well, that people would die, that the only way Trillanes can hope to gain sympathy at this point to actually die fighting. But no, at the end of the day, it looks like another grandstanding, pointless stunt, with Trillanes raving about how his 11 million votes were disrespected and practically performing before the media, saying, See, see what they’d do? Look, tear gas! Tanks! (Or, in rebel-speak, “You have been witnesses and victims to the kind of ruthlessness of this administration.”) Well what did he expect??

In the end they, they decided to peacefully leave Manila Pen, but not before holding a press conference. During the press con, Trillanes’ statements were defiant as always, but he looked sad, deflated, speaking haltingly and even answering a question with “Whatever” (we all burst out laughing when we heard that one). Not quite your old gung-ho adventurist. He’s probably shaken by the fact that once again, he’s left spearheading a hopeless coup attempt, with nobody bothering to show up to support his cause. He’s probably going, where are my 11 million votes now?

Sen. Trillanes, your 11 million voters were telling you to work within the proper channels. Your ascendancy to the Senate was an expression of trust from people hoping that you’d work for real change, that you’d continue to stand for idealism. It was not a license to stage another publicity stunt of a coup attempt just because you can’t hold office in Pasay.

I’m not crazy about this administration as well, but I can’t support such methods as his, because I think it’s pointless and counterproductive. On the other hand, I also can’t help asking myself, “So how are you doing your part?” I’m working hard, I don’t give bribes, I don’t litter, I campaign for the environment – is that enough? Shouldn’t we all step up, even just a little bit?

I was mad as hell when some congressman justified the Malacañang cash gifts by saying they’re not bribes but “allowances.” I was like, potah, sobrang ginagawa naman nila tayong tanga. But even so, that was all I did, wala na. So the question now is, if the Trillaneses don’t do what they are doing, if nobody really speaks out, and corruption continue to be a way of life, where does that leave us? Gen. Lim did have a point when he said “Dissent without action is consent,” even if I have issues on the actions he chose to take. As it has previously been pointed out, we really do get the leaders we deserve.


2 thoughts on “what’s our role here?

  1. pornstar88 November 29, 2007 at 8:07 pm Reply

    Isang malaking katatawanan na lang si trillanes ngayon.

    Pero, potah. Laking dagok na naman sa ekonomiya natin ito. Apektado lahat. Maliit man o malaking mga negosyo, bagsak sa araw na ito.

    Ang hilig sa hotel ni trillanes, pansin nyo?

    Sana pinandigan na lang nya lahat. Nakipagbarilan na lang sya, tutal matapang naman daw sya di ba?

    Eh sa ngayon nag backfire sa kanya ang ginawa nya, wala ng maniniwala sa kanya.

    At saka, dahil sa kanya nagka-curfew. nasira ang aking 3am, tapsi visit. Gutom na gutom ako, kaya ngayon gising na gising ako. Grrr.

    Anyways, pak him.


  2. Mika December 2, 2007 at 1:41 pm Reply

    Thank you for accurately and succinctly writing my thoughts down. Haha.


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