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Only in Taiwan, possibly China

The first three are easy enough to figure out, but besides smoking, eating, and chewing gum, what else shouldn’t you do inside the Taipei MRT, carrying a steep fine of NT7,500 for violations?


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go writers!

Screenwriters Dig In for an Extended Brawl” – The New York Times

Without writers, TV loads up on reality, reruns” – Reuters

I’m not updated on all the issues involved, and I definitely hate not knowing when the next Heroes and Grey’s episodes will be shown (or even shot), but a part of me’s still cheering on the writers on their fight. They’re a huge part of what makes a show a success, and it’s such a shame if they’re not getting the respect, recognition and compensation that they deserve. It’s also amazing how they were able to band together and cripple the TV industry like that. Dito kasi pag may nagwe-welga may mga makukuha ring iskirol kasi maraming kailangang maghanap-buhay.

mcdreamy and the chief support striking writers

McDreamy, the Chief and other Grey’s stars support the strike

The last new Grey’s episode aired last week, but the writers’ blog, which usually gets updated after each episode, naturally has been silent since the stike began. My favorite Heroes blog Beaming Beeman, on the other hand, is maintained by one of the directors and so he was able to tell how writer/creator Tim Kring worked ’til late on the eve of the strike, rewriting the last episode to give viewers a more “resolved and complete” story should the strike go on indefinitely and there would no more Season 2 episodes. I like that. He was committed to the story and to the viewers, yet he was also one with the other writers in fighting for what they deserve.

That said, I hope they all resolve everything and start writing and shooting my favorite shows!

Image taken from BBC article “Anatomy stars join writers strike

it’s that time of the year

Aided by an early start, some “freeloading” stickers I got during a company meeting, and the 10th Birthday double-your-stickers promo, Don and I got our first Starbucks planner a bit earlier this year:



Aren’t we all such suckers for this planner promo? I meant that in a gleeful way, of course.

Question: is it just me, or do their gingerbread men look gay?


And it really doesn’t help that you can also get a package of “gingerbread boys.”


Anyway, I hope everyone’s enjoying the Christmas season, whether they’re giving to the commercialism of it all or not. Just remember it’s not just all about the commercial stuff.

In keeping with the season I have also changed my blog banner. That is a close-up photo of the Christmas tree at the top level of Rustan’s Glorietta by the way. See the Christmas ball at the left? That horizontal dark blob reflected on it is me taking the picture 🙂

Happy Holidays!

they’re definitely not ebooks

Now this is what I call a great photo-op:


Wouldn’t it be nice walking around a little city like this? Browsing would be bit tricky though 🙂

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