U.P. Centennial Kick-Off

Suddenly I’m on a U.P. Centennial high.

It started with the planner, really. The U.P. Centennial Planner that I simply had to have, never mind if I already have two 2008 planners. They’ll just have to be converted into notebooks, or journals, or whatever, because the U.P. Centennial Planner is going to be THE planner of my year.

From there, of course, it was just a short skip to being all excited over the centenary celebrations. Tonight, Don and I went to check out the tail-end of the day-long official kick-off of the centennial. Just walked around the acad oval checking out the festivities. Free concert at the ampitheater, food stalls along the oval, people going gaga taking photos of and having their photos taken with the oblation and the centennial flame (guilty, he he). Enjoying the campus atmosphere that one can’t help but miss. Waxing nostalgic over the countless times of going over those grounds, walking along those hallways.


The concert, appropriately enough, ended with a choral rendition of “U.P Naming Mahal.” Students and alumi alike raised their fists in solidarity, while a banner stating “Serve the People” waved near the stage. Oohs and aahs over the fireworks. Afterwards, we joined the departing crowd, walking along University Avenue. It was almost like a march.

I was glad I went.

(more photos at multiply)



One thought on “U.P. Centennial Kick-Off

  1. Swipe January 21, 2008 at 10:56 pm Reply

    Wish I was there. Thansk for the comment, by the way.


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