ready for more mcdreamy

I have a ton of stuff to do today, but when I saw this Grey’s Anatomy quiz link I just had to click away at it. The show resumes tomorrow after about a five-month break caused by the writers’ strike, and the quiz became a sort of fun refresher on the stuff that went down.

My score: 33 out of 50, described asPretty impressive score, for an intern…”

Fine, so the quiz included questions like where did Ellen Pompeo grow up (how the heck should I know?) or what’s Derek’s favorite flavor of ice cream (that was mentioned way back in the first season, and just a passing reference at that!), so I didn’t do too well. But, I did nail the fun questions like who was the first one to call Derek McDreamy, or what is considered to be Dr. Burke’s lucky charm.

All this, of course, just made me all the more eager to see the new episode, which means I have to go back to work so I’ll time to dawdle tomorrow. Well, good luck with that.


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