Exhibit day yesterday and D-Day today

Scenes from yesterday’s opening of the three-day World Environment Day Exhibit at Greenbelt 3 Concierge Area, where the Renewable Energy Coalition is one of the exhibitors. I just have to say that our booth was the most fun, because of the give-away “Renewables Now!” toy pinwheels and and baller bands. The freedom board asking people to sign to show their support for renewables was also filled up in no time.

Trivia: Throughout the day I was idly hoping for a celebrity or two to walk by so we can snap their photo with a pinwheel or baller band or while signing the freedom board. No such thing happened, but apparently, when we left the booth later in the afternoon to go to the cocktails/opening ceremonies at the other end of the hall, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde passed by and spent a good five or so minutes reading the posters and the freedom board while holding her baby. After a while her husband came, and she handed the kid to him and proceeded to write a big “Pass the bill – Bianca Elizalde” on the poster. All this time, the guy at the next booth kept fretting and looking around and wondering where we were because it was such a Kodak moment. He went to the cocktails and told me all about it, and while he was talking I saw Bianca herself making beso-beso with someone at the cocktails before going off to her car. She was wearing this pretty flowing green dress too, match pa sa booth colors namin. Sayang.

This afternoon the team will split up and go off to the House of Representatives and the Senate to monitor developments, because the Renewable Energy Bill is on the agenda for plenary discussions in both congresses. Today’s news reports quote Sen. Angara and House Speaker Prospero Nograles saying that the RE Bill is one of two bills likely to be passed before Congress breaks for recess (the other one is the Personal Equity Retirement Account or PERA Bill). They have until tomorrow, the last day of session, to do it. I hope it happens today.



2 thoughts on “Exhibit day yesterday and D-Day today

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    […] A father-and-daughter who signed our support RE Bill board during our exhibit at Greenbelt a few months ago […]


  2. i was there « samu’t saring buhay September 30, 2008 at 3:16 am Reply

    […] A father-and-daughter who signed our support RE Bill board during the RE COalition exhibit at Greenbelt a few months […]


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