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i can’t even think of an appropriate title…

It’s been a mad few weeks, the whole affair has been bizarre from beginning to end. The silence that met the announcement that the concert was being cut short was definitely bizarre. No jeers, no gasps, no oh no’s, no murmurs. Just silence, as everyone just stood there and reeled from the shock of suddenly being dropped from a very high place and landing thud! on the ground (though I sort of wanted to strangle the few who promptly whipped out cameras and documented the moment).

The first set was great, it was definitely the nostalgia trip of the year, and the songs for the second set were goosebumps material. Some were screaming “group hug!” every once in a while – wishful thinking, for a moment we would never see that night. What we saw was the bizarre period of total silence during the biggest concert of the year, as the three band members, Ely’s sister, and the producers stood onstage and asked for prayers for Ely. “We’re still in shock,” Raimund said. After all this, when Ely gets better, pwede na kaya ang group hug? 🙂

The problem with nostalgia trips is that at some point they’d also make you realize, some things you will never be able to get back. But they’re still fun, and still worth it.

Get well soon, Ely.

ely on the spotlight

ely on the spotlight

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Why I like Sex and the City

Three-year old journal entry, found over at my Friendster blog. I wish I’d seen this (or remembered that I wrote it, for that matter) when the Sex and the City movie came out. Anyway, I’m reposting. Just because. It can be so much fun going over all journals!

Why I (a 25-year-old-single-since-birth manang) like Sex and the City

Quite a mystery, actually.  Maybe it’s because my life couldn’t be more different from the lives of those girls, and I want to see what it’s like.  It’s very difficult for me to live that kind of life.  Let’s see just how different, shall we?

In the first place, quite obviously, is that they have way too much sex. Miranda goes to a weight watchers’ club and takes home a guy as part of the weight loss regimen?  Come on!  But then it is a show about sex, after all; they’ve got to have someone or other getting some action at least every other episode or so.  My problem with this, I guess, is that they make it seem like it’s very easy to meet and hook up with men.  New York or no New York, it’s never easy.  At least for me.

The four friends, in spite of very different schedules, busy lifestyles and apartment locations, still manage to meet all the time. Not just for lunches or nights out, sometimes they have breakfast together too!  My college friends just talk about getting together all the time, but with all the different schedules and different cities (Makati, Quezon, Antipolo, Pasig), we’re lucky if we get to meet every other month.  When we do meet, it’s hard to catch up; we’ve been living these lives the others don’t know much about, and it would take too much time to tell them the really important things.  So we stay within the safer, simpler topics: recent movies, encapsulated versions of lovelives (those who manage to have some), favorite restaurants, and the ever reliable reminiscences about college life.  We do manage to have fun, until the next gathering months later.

Carrie has a cute Mac and I’m stuck with a first generation Pentium-run Office 97.  Which I don’t even have in my apartment but sits at home in Bulacan waiting for the weekends I feel up to writing anything at all.

The apartments.  Hah.  They all have their own apartments, all beautifully decorated.  I share with two other girls and the ghost of a third one who’s left loads of her stuff in the unlivable living room when she moved out.  We have roach and rat problems, and the faucet leaks.

The clothes. I love Carrie’s outfits, but I can never wear anything like that because I just don’t have that kind of anatomy.

None of the girls stay single for very long. I’ve been single all my life.

On the other hand, some things resonate with me.

Asking questions. “I couldn’t help but wonder…” Carrie always prefaces her hypotheticals.  Yes, go on, wonder.  Never stop searching, never stop exploring, never stop asking questions, never stop living your life. Continue reading

september 22

Where does it come from, this quest? This need to solve life’s mysteries when the simplest of questions can never be answered?

Excited na ‘ko!!!

a natural storyteller

My sister flew home from Taiwan for a visit a few weeks ago, and she alerted me that Cebu Pacific’s in-flight magazine contained an article on Dr. Laurence Heaney. Fortunately, the article is available online and I didn’t have to book a flight to be able to read the feature on one of my favorite scientists. You can read the article here, or you can also check out my own profile on Larry Heaney, which I did when I was still with Haribon. I’m posting it here in a sudden fit of nostalgia and affection for Dr. Heaney and his work. You’ll see why.

“Meeting Larry”
Originally published in Haring Ibon magazine, 3rd Quarter 2003

It was a familiar but still captivating story. I watched across the dinner table as biologist Laurence Heaney related the details to one of Haribon’s board members:  how a rat specimen sat unidentified for 20 years at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History until somebody realized it was an unknown species; how a team of scientists came to Mt. Isarog and “re-discovered” it; how they despaired at trying to feed it everything in the forest until they discovered that it eats practically nothing but earthworms.  It happened in 1988, and he must have told the story and written about it dozens of times, but to hear him tell it he might as well have just come home from the mountains still flushed with the joy of discovering a new species.

“I went to the Philippines for the same reason that Charles Darwin went to the Galapagos Islands. I wanted to know where the species live, how do they live, who their relatives are… to study biodiversity – where they come from.”

The Galapagos Islands, of course, are known for harboring amazing biodiversity, and Charles Darwin was its most famous visitor.  But in the Philippines, Larry Heaney has found his own Galapagos.

“The Galapagos Islands are dull and uninteresting compared to the Philippines,” says Heaney.  “The Philippines has fantastic diversity, both in plants and animals.  The level of endemism is certainly the highest in the world.” Continue reading

beauty, history, identity

Got this on my inbox today and I’m only too happy to share it. John Silva announced his updated National Museum tour dates for August and September, and if you’re the type who has never been to the place or have only seen it during a school field trip eons ago, I do recommend that you join a tour. For three hours, get a fun and fascinating ramble through time, exploring the country’s islands, peoples, languages; all the colorful little details, artifacts and stories that make us who we are. I joined a tour a few weeks ago, and it’s definitely something I recommend.

Tour dates and details:

Or visit John Silva’s blog at

eraserheads reunion concert update (or lack thereof)

So apparently, as has been widely discussed (or theorized, or leaked, or whatever), you have to be a smoker to get invites to the Eraserheads reunion concert, you have to be of legal age, you have to sign up at the cigarette company’s site, tell them what brand of cigarette you smoke, give them your contact info, and send them a copy of your valid ID. The invite is not for sale, and (ito ang matindi) not transferable.

While the age thing is definitely not a problem (hah), I’m not a smoker. Where does that leave me?

Somewhere in the CCP area, I guess, having coffee or eating somewhere, with the sounds from the concert serving as background music. I’m going to be in the area anyway, volunteering at a conference. Unless somebody gives me special passes, ha ha.

By the way, note that all the info on how to get invites written above are under the umbrella of “apparently,” as no official concert announcement has been made, and the closest to an official statement we have seen from the reported sponsor is from a letter quoted in Howie Severino’s site.

I’ve said in my first blog post about this that I love the viral buzz – I recognize that it’s viral marketing at work (and they have a story that basically spins itself after you’ve done the initial seeding), and I liked the strategy, but of course, it can only go so far.  Eventually, you’re going to have to provide real, transparent information. And, well, you should not be doing anything illegal.

Kung hindi ka madaling ma-agit (at marami kang oras), head over to Caloy Conde’s blog and scan through the hundred or so comments there debating the various points surrounding the concert. Hilarious. A lot of noteworthy, valid points raised, of course, but still hilarious.

Ngayon kung tarantahin ka, at die-hard eheads fan o anti-smoking proponent, wag na lang. Baka sumama ka pang makipag-patulan lumaki lang lalo ang gulo 🙂

Would be really interesting to see how this would play out. And would I be able to see the concert? Abangan 🙂