Monthly Archives: September 2009

you think?

Got this text this morning from an unknown number:

hello po! nakuha kpo ung number m0 dito sa nabili k0ng ph0ne. 2nd hand po ciya! Sa sta lucia ko cya binili N0kia 3650 po unit nya. naka save lang po number u dito cguro sa friends mo ito! anyway i am ellen female 20 yrs of age frm antipolo! U want trade tau ng pic? Para makita mo pic ko tnx!

Why would I want to do that? Tell me, why?


gray alert

Dream last night (or, more accurately, this morning, because I woke up late): I’m in front of the mirror inspecting my hair, going through it by sections, and gets horrified to find alarmingly numerous gray hair on the left side of my head. Previously, you see, the odd gray strands have been more or less concentrating on the top front portion, making it quite easy for me to pull them out. But this, new bunch on the left side – where did they come from? And even though I try and I try, I can’t pull any single one out – my fingers slip, or I can’t isolate the grey strand from the black ones.

Okay, dream analysis – several possible meanings:

a.  My birthday is coming up and I’m freaking out about growing old. Sounds plausible, if a bit cliché-ish.

b.  The numerous grey hair that I can’t pull out represent the work backlog that have been piling up because of my chronic procrastination. Again, perfectly plausible, if a bit sad. I mean, if you’re actually having work-related anxiety dreams you’re probably not in good shape.

c.  It’s actually not a dream but a vision of a moment that will come in few years – kind of a déjà vu in advance. I remember some years ago when I first found a tell-tale sign of a wrinkle – I just paused, and went still for a few moments. Apparently, as I grow older my response will not be as dignified.

d.  All of the above <cue silent scream>