this should merit a new post…

interrupting a long blog hiatus to report a definite milestone – my wedding! sharing this happy, happy video we made with friends. we eschewed the traditional video coverage and instead went for a different, funnier concept. enjoy!

We had a beautiful wedding. That’s the sort of thing that people say all the time about weddings but in our case, I like to think it’s true. I loved the casual, fun atmosphere, the wind that blew on my veil as I was walking down the aisle, the smiles captured so beautifully by the camera. But let’s see – favorite things:

  • The walk down the aisle – at first I was fussing about how they messed up the sequence of the mp3s for the Prelude, but then I have been told numerous times to just let things go on the wedding day and just enjoy it. So I did. I patiently waited for my cue, took my time during my walk (to “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles), smiled the whole time, and smiled all the more as I saw the faces of the guests smiling back at me. I was a little nervous, yes, but I think the happiness overcame the nervousness, and that’s what kept me from messing up like tripping on the stairs or something. My sister said I didn’t look nervous at all; I just looked like I was enjoying the moment.
  • The vows – I started writing mine the night before and finished it that morning, while Don wrote the whole thing only that morning. Despite the rush, however, the sincerity was there. They came out beautifully, and a lot of people complimented us on how heartfelt and touching our vows were. Thankfully, both our vows were not that long, and so I just barely managed to keep my tears in check. The vows are definitely going to be on the first page of our DIY wedding album.
  • Posing for photos – for all the photos! Whether it’s for the official photographer’s team, or the photo booth, or little Migs with his Dad’s Canon Mark camera, I enjoyed the photos! I was thinking, with three photographers training their cameras on me and my sister or someone fussing to blot my face or fix my veil, so this is what it’s like to be the center of attention. It’s nice, definitely nice. Not my cup of tea as an everyday thing, but for one day, hey, I’m going to enjoy it.
  • Watching Hermie’s one-of-a-kind video. Definitely the night’s best surprise for me, as I had no idea that Hermie was intending to finish it right away so it could be shown at the reception. The fun, refreshing video was a definite highlight of the reception.
  • The little moments with Don, as we grinned at each other and reveled in the realization that we were husband and wife at last.

It’s all over now, and I’m still on a high. It’s sort of been roller coaster ride. When we started the planning process, I was excited, raring to explore ideas, then as we encountered various stresses about work, raket, and family emergencies, I increasingly felt all the pressure. It became too much of a hassle, not to mention expense, to do all the cute little details I had wanted to do. The whole process began to seem not so fun anymore, and I was really looking forward to May 2, when it would all be over and we can rest for a bit and then move on to the rest of our lives. But now that it’s all over, of course, I’m feeling nostalgic. That was it, that was the wedding. We’ll never do that again, and if we will, at our 25th anniversary or something, we’ll be old and wrinkled, and fat besides. But then, we can always say, we had a beautiful wedding.

Now, on to the next project, which is finding a place to live, building our own little nest.


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3 thoughts on “this should merit a new post…

  1. Mika May 26, 2011 at 7:56 am Reply

    Congratulations for resurrecting your blog!


  2. rina May 26, 2011 at 8:10 am Reply

    mika: dyahe na ako mag-wedding spam sa fb e, dito na lang, he he…


  3. wistandnuts June 5, 2011 at 9:36 am Reply

    Best wishes and congratulations!


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