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It’s More Fun in the Philippines

It was really fun going through several years’ worth of photos to come up with this set, and the way that social media participation is really driving the hype around this campaign is great. Although of course, using social media has its risks, as the whole it’s-more-fun-in-the-philippines meme has also been used by people to point out the not so fun things about the Philippines. Some are in really bad taste, but some will also make you think.

But even while I was working on the images, I began to sense that my attention was already waning, and I found myself wondering what DOT has in store next after this initial hoopla. I’m hoping that beyond promoting the country’s destinations and how its people can make the tourist’s experience more fun, DOT will also work to make sure that the local communities hosting the tourist destinations fully benefit from tourism (not just the investors who may not even hail from the area). Of course, measures should also be undertaken to ensure that the ecological integrity of the area will not be compromised by the tourism-induced developments. Boracay is a magical island and all that, but it is NOT a best practice on how a tourist destination should be developed in this country.

For now, however, I decided that I’m supporting this, and that I will try to contribute to popularizing the positive things about this country without also being blind to its negative aspects (of which, goodness knows, there are also many). Highlight the positive, while working to fix the negative. And also, have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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As these will show you, yes, it can be more fun in the Philippines!


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