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moving my online home

From now on I will be blogging at Why? Here’s what I wrote in my new blog’s About page:

Someone once told me that I’ve gotten my happy ending, and in the typical fairy tale sense, yes, I guess I have. Married to a wonderful man and blessed with lovely twin daughters, I am now living my happy ending. But as the fairy tales don’t tell you, living a happy ending still need a lot of work. Things can get difficult, challenging, maybe even ugly. It’s not really happy every step of the way, and that’s okay. Because a story that ended at a happy ending is exactly that—it’s ended. And my story is still being told. And every day, I decide to live my happy ending. And all the good happy endings always come with magic and adventures.

gandalf quote

I used to blog, on and off for many years, in howling at the moon, but as I took up blogging again, I realized that maybe it’s time to close that particular chapter in my story. Every post in that blog was like a journey worth taking, but I’m tracing a different journey now, as the story still unfolds.



still howling

Wow. No blog post for one and a half years. I’ve never been a very prolific blogger, but even for me one and a half years is something. But you know how it goes: you keep meaning to write, then somehow you can’t find time to write, or the mood to write, or get that elusive starting paragraph that’s supposed to set you off. But really, I know these are just excuses. Ultimately the reason is because you don’t sit down and just write.

Also, to be fair, the past couple of years I had also been a bit preoccupied making and raising these two little things:


my twin girls, Dahon and Ulap, when they were 10 months

And so, as I try to get back into blogging, I also know that this blog will no longer be the same. There will now be stuff on diapers and feeding and baby milestones and pediatrician visits, things that were absolutely alien to me before but now constitute pretty much most of my world. However, I still hope to write about the usual things I used to love writing about—random musings, anecdotes of encounters with friends and strangers alike, travel, work, the environment, maybe a bit of current affairs. I haven’t quite figured out how it will work. I’m hoping for balance, I’m hoping for variety, I’m hoping for humor and yes, readers and maybe new blogger friends. But most of all, I’m just hoping to write.

oo, gusto kong sumama!

image from UP Centennial Planner

I love all this buzz surrounding the Eraserheads reunion concert. I first heard of it only yesterday from Don, who saw it in a blog post referring to a short Phil. Star article confirming the event.

Apparently there have been murmurs on blogs, forum threads and mailing lists about this concert for a week or so now, with confirmations coming in over the weekend. So now if you do a Google search of “eraserheads concert CCP,” you’ll find a lot of people going “Yes, it’s confirmed!” “Tama na ang blind item,” “I’m so excited!” complete with references to the band’s hits (You can bet your pwet I’ll do it again sometime for the money, It’s fine time, Tikman ang langit, Gusto mo bang sumama?).

Beyond the date and venue (August 30 at the CCP grounds), details are still sketchy right now. The concert is supposedly for free, tickets can be obtained by signing up on a website that will be announced in early August, a still-unidentified big company is sponsoring the event- and they have to be big, to be able to pull something like this off, especially if it’s indeed true that the band members are getting millions to appear in the one-night (45-minute?) event.

The marketing is so viral it’s brilliant.

People’s anticipation were stirred and built up, first in the blogosphere then transitioning to mainstream media; full information withheld to heighten anticipation; major sponsor is unidentified so now people are wondering who it is (San Miguel? Marlboro? umm, Chippy? ha ha); it’s going to be a MAD dash to get to those tickets. Continue reading

samu’t-saring buhay

samutsaringbuhayiconeagle.jpg I have been quite remiss in posting in my blog for a couple of weeks now, but in the meantime I did manage to write the introductory note and a new post in “Samu’t-Saring Buhay,” a group blog on Philippine Biodiversity. It’s still quite a young endeavor, with the first post coming out last May 22, the International Day of Biodiversity. The current crop of bloggers are composed of friends and contacts in the community of conservation workers. Some, like myself, are not even actually in conservation work full-time at the present, but are still eager for an opportunity to still be immersed in that world. On the other hand, some are not even that familiar with the blogging medium, but are eager to share their work in biodiversity conservation work and are hoping to find kindred souls and converts. I’m quite proud to be part of this new blog, and hopeful that it will do its part in helping to spread to spread awareness on biodiversity conservation.

accidentally yours

Congratulations to Grey’s Anatomy for winning the Best Drama at the Golden Globes! Yippee! You guys deserve it, seriously 🙂

I guess the victory has sparked a new frenzy among the show’s fans. My usually so-so blog stats are now made a little more interesting, informing me that two people using the search phrases “grey’s anatomy wallpaper” and “mcDREAMY wallpaper” ended up viewing my “catch my disease” entry. I’m sorry fellow fans, that entry was my personal homage to the show, and it does contain one cast wallpaper, but it’s not in any way a comprehensive resource. I AM fully up-to-date, though, I have watched the latest episode (Season 3 Episode 11), but I’m not about to give out any spoilers here.

Come to think of it, it’s an amazing feature of WordPress that it tells you the search engine terms people used to find your blog, but sometimes I feel guilty over the search terms I get, because I know that my posts completely did not help the person on the information that he or she is looking for. Because of my occasional habit of ranting about current events, I get search terms like state of the nation analysis, mt mayon eruption, rosing typhoon; you know, serious stuff. And then people would click the link to my blog and just find some inanity, I feel sorry for them. My travel notes entries have also attracted hits from people searching for terms like napoleones, or Kuppa, Bacolod. In that, at least, I might have been of some help for people looking for pasalubong and what kinds of pastries are available in their travel destinations. I did laugh out loud when I once saw that someone searched for the term “tumaba ka” and found my blog. It feels great to be validated, really.

Anyway, for those accidental readers of mine, I do apologize for the inconvenience. And don’t despair, my Grey’s fellow fans, there are plenty of resources out there about our favorite show.

of emergencies and revolutions

I was just beginning to take in the news of the State of Emergency declaration last Friday when it already brought me my very own state of emergency – calling from lunch, my boss decided that we should release an advisory/briefer on the unfolding developments to all our clients, asap.  That meant that we underlings had to rush around to start gathering the materials and preparing the initial draft of the advisory, find out things like, oh, what’s a state of emergency anyway – get me a copy of the constitution dammit – can we ask for a copy of the proclamation from malacañang (good luck) – what the hell’s going on – and, of course, what does this all mean? For our clients, for the economy, for the people, for the country?

And it was at this point that the beauty of blogging came in (no, this is not an entry about the state of emergency per se, as I will tell you later you can find things on that elsewhere). My thirst for information was fortunately slaked by the TV at the other side of the office, by the heavily-accessed and therefore occasionally down INQ7 website and, more importantly, by the PCIJ blog. The inquirer website provided breaking news, photographs, interviews; beyond that, the PCIJ blog, probably less hampered by the usual editorial processes, gave some behind the scenes insights, preliminary analysis, reference materials (including the much-wanted copy of Proclamation 1017, first as a pdf of the scanned document and later as complete text), even links to other blogs also featuring entries on the developments.  It was just a matter of clicking the ‘refresh’ button to get the latest updates.  The information was literally at my fingertips, and coming at me as fast as I could want it.

For me, at least, this is where blogging came of age in this country.  The blog has been emerging as a credible source of information of late, so much so that there have been instances of blog content being pirated for use in traditional print media, but here, where the blog became an even more reliable and faster source of information than the traditional media forms, you can see there’s really something revolutionary going on.  Applying it to the PR industry where I belong, it’s part of what Richard Edelman calls the  Me2 revolution, in which the traditional top-down, one-to-many model of communication is now being replaced by “a peer-to-peer, horizontal discussion among multiple stakeholders” (and no, I’m not just plugging it here because my firm is part of the Edelman network).  In the past few days, as I accessed blogs, websites, read blogger comments and analysis, and prepared my own take on things, it definitely facilitated my being a participant in the nation’s collective effort at making sense of it all.

When Marcos signed the declaration of martial law it actually took a few days before he decided it should be worthy of being announced; now, before a president can stick anything like that into a drawer somebody’s bound to get it somehow and post it online.

It’s not just the military unrest, or the posturings of the members of the opposition, that the President should be wary of.  In this day and age, it’s really tricky to fool around with the people’s right to information and freedom of expression, and I hope she knows that.

a blog? ME??

Tingnan mo nga naman.. I forgot that I’ve actually set up a blog here. And I have a couple more blogs languishing somewhere in cyberspace, suffering the same fate as my pen and paper journal – that is, suffering under my neglect.

I don’t know, but there was a time when I was diligent in updating my journal; as in I have to check it regularly, post entries, answer notes, read up on my favorites.  Apparently I had too much time on my hands.  And besides, it was an anonymous journal, not like this one, where I’d probably have to rein in some of my psychotic tendencies (you people think you know me, well… you don’t. mwa-ha-ha).

I’m not making any promises, but I will make some effort to improve my journal habits… not that any of you care one way or the other; after all, it’s my blog.