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Cate on climate change

CateBlanchett68064Blanchett urges top global execs to act now on climate

COPENHAGEN (AFP) – Oscar-winning actress and environmental campaigner Cate Blanchett on Monday urged some of the world’s biggest business leaders to act now on carbon emissions to save the planet.

Speaking at the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Blanchett — who won her best gong for “The Aviator,” the biopic of air travel pioneer Howard Hughes — said the low carbon economies of the future had to come into being right now.

The United Nations hopes to get a new global warming treaty approved later this year when world leaders meet in the Danish capital to replace the Kyoto Protocol on cutting carbon emissions that expires in 2012.

“Political failure at Copenhagen in December is quite simply unacceptable and this powerful room must play a major role in preventing this failure,” the Australian actress told her audience.

The star of the “Elizabeth” period dramas cited recent bushfires in her homeland.

“Australia’s best climate scientists have been warning us that we’ll face many more catastrophic fire days in south-east Australia unless the world acts to dramatically cut greenhouse pollution.”

She also mentioned the loss of agricultural and tourism industry jobs, adding: “We have the ability to kick start the low carbon economies of the future right when we need to, and that’s now.”

Among the gathering’s 700 participants were the heads of some of the world’s biggest companies, including Siemens, Pepsico and Ericsson.

Cate Blanchett  is one of my all-time favorite actresses; I basically think that there’s no role she can’t do. The admiration now goes a notch higher with this article on her advocacy for climate change, which after all would be bound to hit her native Australia pretty hard (wait, I haven’t dived in the Great Barrier Reef yet!). I hope that it’s actually a sustained, concrete advocacy and not just a one-time media statement.

One of the most flattering online quizzes I’ve ever taken is some sort of “Which celebrity should play you in a movie about your life?” and the answer was Cate Blanchett. Wow.  Is my life so exciting, so challenging, then, that it merits an actress of Cate’s caliber?  Not a bad standard, you know. To live a life worthy of the freaking great actress who would be essaying your role. I wonder what kind of movie would it be?

cate blanchett

hhmm, try nga ako ng ganitong glasses...


the iron man sings

I still insist, and my friend Abby insists otherwise, that American Idol Season 8’s Danny Gokey looks like Robert Downey Jr. However, look-alike or not, Gokey will never be able to wrench my heart the way Robert Downey Jr. does singing this song…

“Broken” by Robert Downey Jr., from his album The Futurist

“you fell in love with a broken heart…” ouch, right?

“poetic, kind of sadistic,” Robert Downey Jr. describes the lyrics.

it hurts to love you sometimes, robert, but i do.

Eraserheads: The Final Set

Crowd:  Group hug, group hug!
Ely: Kayo muna!

I am pleased to report that the band seemed in a much better mood at “The Final Set” last Saturday than they were during last year’s controversial first reunion concert.  There are a lot of reasons to like this show better than the last year’s, beyond the obvious fact that this one actually made it through to the end. It was great that the other band members took on the vocals. I loved Markus’ reggae “Huwag Mo Nang Itanong” version. Ang kulit! The band members’ interaction was better; the pacing more, um, manageable, given what happened the last time; and even Ely’s occasional lyric flubs were charming.

“What happened the last time” was definitely at the crowd’s mind that night.  “Okay lang kayo dyan?” Ely would say.  “Whoooooo!!!” the crowd would answer, then some smartass would call out, “Ikaw, okay ka lang?

There was still no group hug, but hey, there was a huddle, during the unscripted post-encore-encore, during which they apparently decided to sing “Toyang,” “Sembreak,” and “Ligaya.” The fact that Ely was feeling well enough to do an extra set, “three for the road,” as he called it, definitely added to the night’s feel good vibe.

At the end of the concert, we found ourselves in a sort of analytical/philosophical mode, marveling at the Eraserheads phenomenon. Their current individual bands never got anywhere this big, and even at the height of their popularity the Eraserheads never had a concert of such major proportions. The nostalgia is definitely a huge factor. Apart from the basic enjoyment of the music, it’s also all those memories attached to that music, attached to that era of their lives, that transports people.  The band members would of course prefer for people to move on and also appreciate the new musical directions that they have charted for themselves, but it couldn’t be helped.  The Eraserheads phenomenon has become way larger, gone way beyond than the band itself.

epic hugh

So after yesterday’s completely frivolous and shameless post (complete with a comment trail gone wild), I of course immediately, as in immediately, had to watch Australia. I initially made plans to watch it with Abby, basically for the express purpose of being able to grab each other’s sleeves and do some fierce tugging and muffled shrieking when the famous wet-and-shirtless-scene comes on, but I ended up watching it with Don, which is of course not the same but still ok, because he knew I had this huge crush on Hugh Jackman and gave me some obliging teasing nudges of his own during the movie, he he (Wow, that was a long sentence).

Well, the wet-and-shirtless scene definitely delivers, and I can totally understand Abby’s sentiments when she said that she’s willing to watch the movie again if only for that scene alone (dibidi na lang, Abby, para pwede i-slo mo, he he). Overall, I found the cinematography a bit odd (I imagine Australia to look a lot sunnier, not look like a Technicolor movie), but Hugh Jackman was certainly always lovingly framed. There were so many rearing-up-his-horse-and-manfully-looking-over-shoulders shots, one can do screen caps of them and put together a Marlboro calendar.  And then do a rhum calendar next, using the shirtless scenes. Mmmm.

But my favorite (obviously aside from the wet-and-shirtless) shot was the super close-up shot of Hugh Jackman’s newly-shaven face and that look he gave Nicole Kidman when he showed up at that ball.  Swoon.

Hugh Jackman ogling aside, however, I found the movie to be quite uneven, with high momentum scenes just popping up all over the place, driven by the film’s compulsion to propel itself forward in a grand and sweeping manner.  Abby told me that there’s one part where they thought the film was already ending, only it turned out to be just halfway, and when I was watching the film I was like – oh, this was what she was talking about.  It’s like they ended a storyline and then went straight to making the sequel, only that they decided to make the sequel a weighty war movie while the first one was a romantic-comedy adventure romp (Kinda like this blog post, which starts out with frivolous Hugh-gushing and then attempts to become a film review, he he…)

The movie is definitely ambitious, but this sort of thing has been done much better decades before by Gone with the Wind – a young nation in turmoil, racist mistakes that will haunt generations, a headstrong woman and her ruggedly handsome hero (and the Technicolor look, for that matter) – and you’d have to admit that Gone with the Wind is a much more complex story.  Anyway, if they ever remake Gone with the Wind I’d want Hugh Jackman as Rhett Butler.

But damn. I can’t find a photo of that wet-and-shirtless scene. Why oh why?

Didi, ang bato!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re going to get another chance this February 2009.


Got the news here:

So here’s to Ada, ZsaZsa and Didi, and to men who are “braso pa lang ay ulam na” 🙂


I have a new crush, and I have Tina Fey and Ugly Betty to thank for it.

Rounding up my 30 Rock Season 2 marathon last week, and there was this cute guy who played Tina Fey’s boytoy and turned one of the characters (Judah Friedlander) gay. Not gay for life, just gay for him. “I’m gay for Jamie,” he says. “No, that’s not a thing,” Tinay Fey tells him. “You can’t be gay for just one person. Unless you’re a lady, and you meet Ellen.”

But apparently, being gay for just one person is a thing, or can be, especially if he looks as adorably cute as this:

would you want to be gay for Jamie? (played by actor/Musician Val Emmich)

Anyway, a few days later I was watching the latest episode of Ugly Betty, and there he was again, playing Betty’s new neighbor, struggling musician Jesse.

The 30 Rock episode probably aired what, last year, and the Ugly Betty episode, just last week, and yet, I saw both of them over a couple of days. Coincidence? No, I don’t think so. It’s fate 🙂

I’m now hunting up his songs, and they’re good.  Seriously. Here’s one sample, enjoy.
Hurt More Later – Val Emmich

Conversation comes naturally
He holds your hand real carefully
Butterflies are fluttering
Your courage is sputtering
Cuz you never win

You’re finally there
When your heart starts to wear
Cuz you know how this ends
Passion fades, you pretend
So you’re walking away
To let perfection remain
You’ll never see this unwind
Your love frozen in time

You try your best to take it slow
But it feels good to lose control
It’s moving faster everyday
You wish it could just stay this way
But you know it won’t

You’re finally there
When your heart starts to wear
Cuz you know how this ends
Passion fades, you pretend
So you’re walking away
To let perfection remain
You’ll never see this unwind
Your love frozen in time

It hurts now but it will hurt more later
It hurts now but it will hurt more later
Hurt more later
Much more much later

extras (extras lang, unfortunately)

I spent Saturday night to Monday at home in Bulacan, enjoying the rare times when I get to enjoy my own bed and just vegetate around the house. A main preoccupation, of course, was the tv. Curiously, over those two days I came across three Filipino references in various films:

  • Grosse Pointe Blank, starring John Cusack and Minnie Driver. John Cusack plays an assassin-for-hire (or, as he put in, “professional killer”). Fellow hitman Dan Aykroyd tries to recruit him to an association of killers, through which all “contracts” will be channeled, to avoid, um, overlaps, and possible drive up the contract price. John Cusack asks who the members are, and Dan Aykroyd mentions, among others, the “butch Filipino lady” (though I forgot whether he said “Filipino” or “Filipina”).  John Cusack recognizes her, apparently her technique is to pose as a chambermaid and stab her victims to death.
  • The Path to 9/11, starring Harvey Keitel. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but apparently it’s an ABC TV documentary about the intelligence screw-ups – er – developments – leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.  Years before 9/11, one of the terrorists did a practice bomb run on a Manila-Cebu-Japan flight, smuggling explosives on the plane, disembarking at Cebu and setting up the explosives to go off when the plane is en route to Japan.  Much later, back in Manila, an accidental fire in the terrorists’ apartment led to the discovery of a laptop containing evidence of terrorist plans which were later on identified to have led to the World Trade Center attacks.  The Filipino police, led by a female captain, rummage through the apartment. “O, laptop. Buksan mo yan, tingnan natin ang laman.” “Hindi ba natin kailangan ng warrant dyan?” asks an underling. “Kukuha tayo,” the captain assures him. “Sige, buksan mo na.”  The female captain’s efforts, which led to the disbanding of the Manila terrorist cell, impress the hell out of Harvey Keitel.  Somebody points out that if it had happened in the US, the evidence in the laptop would not have been admissible. Continue reading