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ready for more mcdreamy

I have a ton of stuff to do today, but when I saw this Grey’s Anatomy quiz link I just had to click away at it. The show resumes tomorrow after about a five-month break caused by the writers’ strike, and the quiz became a sort of fun refresher on the stuff that went down.

My score: 33 out of 50, described asPretty impressive score, for an intern…”

Fine, so the quiz included questions like where did Ellen Pompeo grow up (how the heck should I know?) or what’s Derek’s favorite flavor of ice cream (that was mentioned way back in the first season, and just a passing reference at that!), so I didn’t do too well. But, I did nail the fun questions like who was the first one to call Derek McDreamy, or what is considered to be Dr. Burke’s lucky charm.

All this, of course, just made me all the more eager to see the new episode, which means I have to go back to work so I’ll time to dawdle tomorrow. Well, good luck with that.


go writers!

Screenwriters Dig In for an Extended Brawl” – The New York Times

Without writers, TV loads up on reality, reruns” – Reuters

I’m not updated on all the issues involved, and I definitely hate not knowing when the next Heroes and Grey’s episodes will be shown (or even shot), but a part of me’s still cheering on the writers on their fight. They’re a huge part of what makes a show a success, and it’s such a shame if they’re not getting the respect, recognition and compensation that they deserve. It’s also amazing how they were able to band together and cripple the TV industry like that. Dito kasi pag may nagwe-welga may mga makukuha ring iskirol kasi maraming kailangang maghanap-buhay.

mcdreamy and the chief support striking writers

McDreamy, the Chief and other Grey’s stars support the strike

The last new Grey’s episode aired last week, but the writers’ blog, which usually gets updated after each episode, naturally has been silent since the stike began. My favorite Heroes blog Beaming Beeman, on the other hand, is maintained by one of the directors and so he was able to tell how writer/creator Tim Kring worked ’til late on the eve of the strike, rewriting the last episode to give viewers a more “resolved and complete” story should the strike go on indefinitely and there would no more Season 2 episodes. I like that. He was committed to the story and to the viewers, yet he was also one with the other writers in fighting for what they deserve.

That said, I hope they all resolve everything and start writing and shooting my favorite shows!

Image taken from BBC article “Anatomy stars join writers strike

season 3, episode 19

Meredith is seated studying for an important surgical procedure. Derek comes up behind her, just stops short of nuzzling her hair.


Meredith: You’re hovering.

Derek: I’m breathing you in.

It’s all a matter of perspective. I love it 🙂

accidentally yours

Congratulations to Grey’s Anatomy for winning the Best Drama at the Golden Globes! Yippee! You guys deserve it, seriously 🙂

I guess the victory has sparked a new frenzy among the show’s fans. My usually so-so blog stats are now made a little more interesting, informing me that two people using the search phrases “grey’s anatomy wallpaper” and “mcDREAMY wallpaper” ended up viewing my “catch my disease” entry. I’m sorry fellow fans, that entry was my personal homage to the show, and it does contain one cast wallpaper, but it’s not in any way a comprehensive resource. I AM fully up-to-date, though, I have watched the latest episode (Season 3 Episode 11), but I’m not about to give out any spoilers here.

Come to think of it, it’s an amazing feature of WordPress that it tells you the search engine terms people used to find your blog, but sometimes I feel guilty over the search terms I get, because I know that my posts completely did not help the person on the information that he or she is looking for. Because of my occasional habit of ranting about current events, I get search terms like state of the nation analysis, mt mayon eruption, rosing typhoon; you know, serious stuff. And then people would click the link to my blog and just find some inanity, I feel sorry for them. My travel notes entries have also attracted hits from people searching for terms like napoleones, or Kuppa, Bacolod. In that, at least, I might have been of some help for people looking for pasalubong and what kinds of pastries are available in their travel destinations. I did laugh out loud when I once saw that someone searched for the term “tumaba ka” and found my blog. It feels great to be validated, really.

Anyway, for those accidental readers of mine, I do apologize for the inconvenience. And don’t despair, my Grey’s fellow fans, there are plenty of resources out there about our favorite show.

catch my disease

Signs of my growing Grey’s Anatomy addiction, which, after two seasons, are just now fully manifesting themselves:

  • I can’t rest until I’m updated to the latest episode (thank you torrents!)
  • My old reliable Peanuts wallpaper has now been replaced by the Grey’s Anatomy cast wallpaper – and I’ve changed it three times today using three different cast pictures. This is the current one:


  • I had to remove the Live Update tab on my Firefox toolbar because if I don’t I’d end up reading the writers’ blog on the current episode even if I hadn’t watched it yet
  • I plan to annoy everyone by adopting the sarcastic “Seriously? Seriously!” expression that everyone on the show uses
  • I’m sorely tempted to refer to Don as my “McBoyfriend”
  • I downloaded the soundtrack and my plan is to find out which episodes the songs were used in and then watch those episodes again (or at least the scenes in which the songs were used, but how will I know that if I don’t watch the entire episode?). The title of this post, incidentally, is the title of a cheery song from Volume 1 that’s now constantly humming around my head
  • My boss just gave us a mini-lecture on how we should be more mature and stop fooling around in our computers all the time instead of working, and here I am writing a blog post that shows, among other things, how much time I spend surfing the net for stuff to feed my latest addiction
  • Not content with browsing through the memorable quotes at IMDB, I just discovered I can download transcripts to certain episodes. The last time I did this (for The West Wing), it took me months to read through the whole thing. But then that was like six seasons and West Wing characters tend to talk a lot. And I was new at work at the time and not as busy as I am now. I’m in trouble. Sure I’ll have to trawl through loads of things I wouldn’t understand anyway (“Phenolbarbitol. Load her with phenolbarbitol”) but that’s okay.
  • My gtalk status message these days invariably contain cryptic quotes from the show or from the soundtrack (“suppose you’ll never know?”, “whatever gets you through the day”, “We’re adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?” )
  • I can’t stop trying to think of things to add to this list. I’m not just addicted; I’m addicted to being addicted. I wasn’t planning to blog today, but if I don’t put this up quickly I’d end up just adding and adding things. Once i put this up, it will be out of my system, and I’ll finally be able to concentrate on work.

I know, this is not healthy, but then no addiction ever is. Seriously.


And lest you think of me as this shallow, shallow person (which is also true in a way, but not all the time), consider: in between all this I’m also reading and analyzing stuff like “I adhere to the proposition that the primary purpose of a Constitution in the democratic tradition is not so much to achieve efficiency as to avoid tyranny in its various varieties. – Fr. Joaquin G. Bernas, S.J.” and living in dread at the thought of Miriam Santiago as Supreme Court Chief Justice. Give me a break.