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NBC Heroes Countdown

hindi naman ako masyadong excited. slight lang, he he.

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september 22

Where does it come from, this quest? This need to solve life’s mysteries when the simplest of questions can never be answered?

Excited na ‘ko!!!

go writers!

Screenwriters Dig In for an Extended Brawl” – The New York Times

Without writers, TV loads up on reality, reruns” – Reuters

I’m not updated on all the issues involved, and I definitely hate not knowing when the next Heroes and Grey’s episodes will be shown (or even shot), but a part of me’s still cheering on the writers on their fight. They’re a huge part of what makes a show a success, and it’s such a shame if they’re not getting the respect, recognition and compensation that they deserve. It’s also amazing how they were able to band together and cripple the TV industry like that. Dito kasi pag may nagwe-welga may mga makukuha ring iskirol kasi maraming kailangang maghanap-buhay.

mcdreamy and the chief support striking writers

McDreamy, the Chief and other Grey’s stars support the strike

The last new Grey’s episode aired last week, but the writers’ blog, which usually gets updated after each episode, naturally has been silent since the stike began. My favorite Heroes blog Beaming Beeman, on the other hand, is maintained by one of the directors and so he was able to tell how writer/creator Tim Kring worked ’til late on the eve of the strike, rewriting the last episode to give viewers a more “resolved and complete” story should the strike go on indefinitely and there would no more Season 2 episodes. I like that. He was committed to the story and to the viewers, yet he was also one with the other writers in fighting for what they deserve.

That said, I hope they all resolve everything and start writing and shooting my favorite shows!

Image taken from BBC article “Anatomy stars join writers strike

They’re here, among us

Where does it come from, this quest? This need to solve life’s mysteries when the simplest of questions can never be answered? Why are we here? What is the soul? Why do we dream? Perhaps we’d be better off not looking at all. Not delving, not yearning.

But that’s not human nature. Not the human heart. And that is not why we are here.

Yet still we struggle to make a difference, to change the world, to dream of hope, never knowing for certain who we will meet along the way. Who among the world of strangers will hold our hand, touch our hearts, and share the pain and triumph?”

After months of waiting, I’ll finally get to spend time with “Heroes” again.

The musings of Suresh have really grown on me. They lend just the right amount of gravity to set the tone for the episode, or end it with a certain elegance, neatly wrapping things up, even as it asks the hard questions.

We dream of hope, we dream of change, of fire, of love, of death. And then it happens; the dream becomes real, and the answer to this quest, this need to solve life’s mysteries finally shows itself like the glowing light of the new dawn.

So much struggle for meaning, for purpose. And in the end, we find it only in each other. Our shared experience of the fantastic and the mundane. The simple human need to find a kindred. To connect. And to know in our hearts… that we are not alone.

waiting for sept. 24

Behold, my new wallpaper:


Heroes Season 2 returning cast

Dang, Sylar is just too interesting to die.

(Thanks to Sir Martin for the tip)

questions, questions, questions

this is a very self-indulgent entry that only updated heroes fanatics will be able to understand or relate to. for the others, spoilers and confusion await. kung nakaka-relate ka, feel free to add your own questions and theories 😀

  • ano ang papel ni linderman sa big explosion? does the fact that the explosion happened mean that micah failed too in whatever it was linderman wanted him to do? What was it that linderman wanted him to do?
  • kung iba na yung future na binalikan ni future hiro after warning peter petrelli sa train (because peter after all was able to save the cheerleader), bakit meron pa rin sya nung artworks and newspaper clippings of the past in which sylar was able to kill claire and other alternate versions of the past? baon ba nya yun when he went back to the past para may documentation sya ng lahat ng possible permutations of reality for his string theory? di naman sya mukhang bulky nung kinausap nya si peter sa train a
  • so now hiro’s off to kill sylar, not knowing that peter was the bomb. now what?
  • bakit di na lang nila patayin si ted para matanggal na yung threat ng explosion once and for all?
  • is it just me o hindi talaga bagay sina peter at nikki? (i last saw him kissing rory gilmore, for crying out loud)
  • does future hiro ever regain his lost innocence and enthusiasm? I hope he does! I need that Hiro to survive for Season 2!
  • bakit hindi nalaman ni peter na hindi si nathan si nathan? di ba nya napapansin na may naaabsorb syang ibang powers pag nalalapit sya kay nathan?
  • theoretically, dapat matalo ni peter si sylar kasi he can have all of sylar’s powers in addition to his own, right?
  • gano katindi yung injury na na-suffer ni peter at hindi gumaling yung scar sa mukha nya?
  • ano ang power ni lola petrelli?
  • bakit ang pangit ng boyfriend ni claire?

i can go on and on, but then i won’t get any work done. i can’t wait to watch the remainder of the season, and at the same time i know i’ll miss this delicious excitement. hay, this is addiction.


a glimpse of hiro in future hiro

idealistic cheeseball at heart






Peter Petrelli
You scored 66 Idealism, 62 Nonconformity, 8 Nerdiness
Do you ever… get the feeling that you were meant to do something extraordinary?
Congratulations, you’re Peter Petrelli! You are a compassionate, idealistic person, which is great. You’re searching for your identity and purpose in life, and you have a strong desire to be special, and do something great for the world. You’re a bit on the emo side, but you have the best of intentions.Your best quality: Empathy
Your worst quality: EMO
My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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I am such an emo… maybe i should retake the test and change my answers so that I’d be Hiro, he he…