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moving my online home

From now on I will be blogging at Why? Here’s what I wrote in my new blog’s About page:

Someone once told me that I’ve gotten my happy ending, and in the typical fairy tale sense, yes, I guess I have. Married to a wonderful man and blessed with lovely twin daughters, I am now living my happy ending. But as the fairy tales don’t tell you, living a happy ending still need a lot of work. Things can get difficult, challenging, maybe even ugly. It’s not really happy every step of the way, and that’s okay. Because a story that ended at a happy ending is exactly that—it’s ended. And my story is still being told. And every day, I decide to live my happy ending. And all the good happy endings always come with magic and adventures.

gandalf quote

I used to blog, on and off for many years, in howling at the moon, but as I took up blogging again, I realized that maybe it’s time to close that particular chapter in my story. Every post in that blog was like a journey worth taking, but I’m tracing a different journey now, as the story still unfolds.



this year…

I don't usually make new year's resolutions, but this, this I can do 🙂

for behold…

“Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about.” – Linus van Pelt

this should merit a new post…

interrupting a long blog hiatus to report a definite milestone – my wedding! sharing this happy, happy video we made with friends. we eschewed the traditional video coverage and instead went for a different, funnier concept. enjoy!

We had a beautiful wedding. That’s the sort of thing that people say all the time about weddings but in our case, I like to think it’s true. I loved the casual, fun atmosphere, the wind that blew on my veil as I was walking down the aisle, the smiles captured so beautifully by the camera. But let’s see – favorite things:

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in which you are welcome to change my mind

When it comes to movies, certain movies at least, I’m gullible. There is complete willingness to suspend disbelief. In Toy Story, I am willing to believe that toys come to life when no one is looking, that their ultimate source of happiness is to be played with (preferably by their owner), and that they can be remarkably agile and durable when they have to (I must confess, though, that I’m having trouble suspending disbelief when it comes to Slinky. His springs should have been stretched out long ago).

That said, Toy Story 3 is definitely the most mature of the three Toy films – as mature as a film about toys can get, that is.  It’s not just petty rivalry, endless mishaps and  chase scenes here; the toys are dealing with very adult themes of loss, letting go, disillusionment,  question of self-worth, and – at one manipulatively harrowing point that was just starting to get corny until the three aliens came to the rescue – even death.

Eventually, of course, a happy ending was had by all, although, at the back of one’s mind, the nagging thought still lingers – what happens when that little girl grows up, and the toys have to face all that drama all over again? Will they even survive up to that point? Will they have suffered whatever fate meted out to Bo Peep? To those who will make it, I guess, they will be more realistic.  They will realize right away that there are far worse things than being stuck in the attic with the Christmas decorations.  In that sense, could it be that this film is not about (or not just about) growing up and letting go, but about settling for what you can have? That is definitely something to be afraid of.

gray alert

Dream last night (or, more accurately, this morning, because I woke up late): I’m in front of the mirror inspecting my hair, going through it by sections, and gets horrified to find alarmingly numerous gray hair on the left side of my head. Previously, you see, the odd gray strands have been more or less concentrating on the top front portion, making it quite easy for me to pull them out. But this, new bunch on the left side – where did they come from? And even though I try and I try, I can’t pull any single one out – my fingers slip, or I can’t isolate the grey strand from the black ones.

Okay, dream analysis – several possible meanings:

a.  My birthday is coming up and I’m freaking out about growing old. Sounds plausible, if a bit cliché-ish.

b.  The numerous grey hair that I can’t pull out represent the work backlog that have been piling up because of my chronic procrastination. Again, perfectly plausible, if a bit sad. I mean, if you’re actually having work-related anxiety dreams you’re probably not in good shape.

c.  It’s actually not a dream but a vision of a moment that will come in few years – kind of a déjà vu in advance. I remember some years ago when I first found a tell-tale sign of a wrinkle – I just paused, and went still for a few moments. Apparently, as I grow older my response will not be as dignified.

d.  All of the above <cue silent scream>

Cate on climate change

CateBlanchett68064Blanchett urges top global execs to act now on climate

COPENHAGEN (AFP) – Oscar-winning actress and environmental campaigner Cate Blanchett on Monday urged some of the world’s biggest business leaders to act now on carbon emissions to save the planet.

Speaking at the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Blanchett — who won her best gong for “The Aviator,” the biopic of air travel pioneer Howard Hughes — said the low carbon economies of the future had to come into being right now.

The United Nations hopes to get a new global warming treaty approved later this year when world leaders meet in the Danish capital to replace the Kyoto Protocol on cutting carbon emissions that expires in 2012.

“Political failure at Copenhagen in December is quite simply unacceptable and this powerful room must play a major role in preventing this failure,” the Australian actress told her audience.

The star of the “Elizabeth” period dramas cited recent bushfires in her homeland.

“Australia’s best climate scientists have been warning us that we’ll face many more catastrophic fire days in south-east Australia unless the world acts to dramatically cut greenhouse pollution.”

She also mentioned the loss of agricultural and tourism industry jobs, adding: “We have the ability to kick start the low carbon economies of the future right when we need to, and that’s now.”

Among the gathering’s 700 participants were the heads of some of the world’s biggest companies, including Siemens, Pepsico and Ericsson.

Cate Blanchett  is one of my all-time favorite actresses; I basically think that there’s no role she can’t do. The admiration now goes a notch higher with this article on her advocacy for climate change, which after all would be bound to hit her native Australia pretty hard (wait, I haven’t dived in the Great Barrier Reef yet!). I hope that it’s actually a sustained, concrete advocacy and not just a one-time media statement.

One of the most flattering online quizzes I’ve ever taken is some sort of “Which celebrity should play you in a movie about your life?” and the answer was Cate Blanchett. Wow.  Is my life so exciting, so challenging, then, that it merits an actress of Cate’s caliber?  Not a bad standard, you know. To live a life worthy of the freaking great actress who would be essaying your role. I wonder what kind of movie would it be?

cate blanchett

hhmm, try nga ako ng ganitong glasses...