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Top memories for 2008


the hard parts finally over, here comes the rain!

  • Clambering up steep slopes in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.  I will never again attempt to climb a mountain without doing months of training/exercise beforehand.

  • Throwing up over the side of the boat en route to Itbayat, Batanes.  Over the side of the boat pa talaga, di man lang barf bag. How absolutely ladylike.

  • Riding topload at Batanes. The whole Batanes journey is actually one big highlight of the year. Definitely an unforgettable journey.
  • Biking to Angkor Wat.  On our third day at Siem Reap, Cambodia, we decided against another guided temple tour and just went around town on rented bikes. We still ended up going to the temple area though, making it to Angkor Wat just before sunset.  We sort of got lost (I still haven’t completely figured out how it happened; I blame it on the map) and ended up going there via the long way, which was just fine since it gave us the chance to spot this marker and have a photo op 🙂


  • Haggling at the Russian Market in Phnom Penh. I’m still not absolutely cutthroat at it but I’m getting there.
  • Walking up and down Khao San Road in Bangkok simply taking in the sights and sounds and smells and enjoying the banana pancakes.
  • Sampling tasty travel eats! Coconut crabs in Itbayat, Tonichi’s fish steak in Batan, delightful Hue-style pho in Saigon, discount breads in Siem Reap, etc… Continue reading

ghost from comm. res. past

Got momentarily disoriented during one of my grocery shopping trips, when, cruising the aisles and having just picked up a packet of powdered orange juice, I suddenly got accosted by a ghost from Comm. Res. Past:

next to the Tang shelves
The Practice of Social Research by Earl Babbie

One of those staple books in our Communication Research major subjects (Comm. Res. 115 if I’m not mistaken), one of those books that got photocopied to death chapter by chapter, as students compiled those thick sheafs of “readings.”  Reserve book sa Mass Comm library, meaning you can only take it out after five in the afternoon then return it by nine the next morning, per hour ang multa pag late ka so good luck na lang.

There it was, hard-bound and looking hardly used, selling for P150 at, of all places, Puregold Makati. I was like, damn, we would have killed for this in college! Well, I couldn’t help it. I was so amused that I bought it.  Some of the concepts and methodologies are naturally outdated  (I mean, who still uses mailed-in questionnaires, right?), but I’m guessing some are pretty much applicable through time (basic research design questions, survey sampling procedures, etc.). Of course, there’s also the nostalgia factor.  It’s like a time-space portal suddenly opened up right there at the supermarket.  I would have been more tickled if it had been one of the more iconic books, let’s say, Gravetter’s book on Quantitative Analysis, or Mass Comm Theory by Dennis McQuail (I had to Google the author name, basta ang alam ko Mac- or Mc-something, haha). But this will do. It can be a useful resource for those times when I’d get faced with a seemingly basic research question and couldn’t do anything except helplessly mutter, sheesh, I used to know this in college.

Maybe I can bring the book in one of our dinners among college friends, so that when the conversation goes to the inevitable recalling of embarrassing stories, past loves, marathon overnight group work sessions and such, we’ll actually have a prop, he he.

i can’t even think of an appropriate title…

It’s been a mad few weeks, the whole affair has been bizarre from beginning to end. The silence that met the announcement that the concert was being cut short was definitely bizarre. No jeers, no gasps, no oh no’s, no murmurs. Just silence, as everyone just stood there and reeled from the shock of suddenly being dropped from a very high place and landing thud! on the ground (though I sort of wanted to strangle the few who promptly whipped out cameras and documented the moment).

The first set was great, it was definitely the nostalgia trip of the year, and the songs for the second set were goosebumps material. Some were screaming “group hug!” every once in a while – wishful thinking, for a moment we would never see that night. What we saw was the bizarre period of total silence during the biggest concert of the year, as the three band members, Ely’s sister, and the producers stood onstage and asked for prayers for Ely. “We’re still in shock,” Raimund said. After all this, when Ely gets better, pwede na kaya ang group hug? 🙂

The problem with nostalgia trips is that at some point they’d also make you realize, some things you will never be able to get back. But they’re still fun, and still worth it.

Get well soon, Ely.

ely on the spotlight

ely on the spotlight

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eraserheads reunion concert update (or lack thereof)

So apparently, as has been widely discussed (or theorized, or leaked, or whatever), you have to be a smoker to get invites to the Eraserheads reunion concert, you have to be of legal age, you have to sign up at the cigarette company’s site, tell them what brand of cigarette you smoke, give them your contact info, and send them a copy of your valid ID. The invite is not for sale, and (ito ang matindi) not transferable.

While the age thing is definitely not a problem (hah), I’m not a smoker. Where does that leave me?

Somewhere in the CCP area, I guess, having coffee or eating somewhere, with the sounds from the concert serving as background music. I’m going to be in the area anyway, volunteering at a conference. Unless somebody gives me special passes, ha ha.

By the way, note that all the info on how to get invites written above are under the umbrella of “apparently,” as no official concert announcement has been made, and the closest to an official statement we have seen from the reported sponsor is from a letter quoted in Howie Severino’s site.

I’ve said in my first blog post about this that I love the viral buzz – I recognize that it’s viral marketing at work (and they have a story that basically spins itself after you’ve done the initial seeding), and I liked the strategy, but of course, it can only go so far.  Eventually, you’re going to have to provide real, transparent information. And, well, you should not be doing anything illegal.

Kung hindi ka madaling ma-agit (at marami kang oras), head over to Caloy Conde’s blog and scan through the hundred or so comments there debating the various points surrounding the concert. Hilarious. A lot of noteworthy, valid points raised, of course, but still hilarious.

Ngayon kung tarantahin ka, at die-hard eheads fan o anti-smoking proponent, wag na lang. Baka sumama ka pang makipag-patulan lumaki lang lalo ang gulo 🙂

Would be really interesting to see how this would play out. And would I be able to see the concert? Abangan 🙂

oo, gusto kong sumama!

image from UP Centennial Planner

I love all this buzz surrounding the Eraserheads reunion concert. I first heard of it only yesterday from Don, who saw it in a blog post referring to a short Phil. Star article confirming the event.

Apparently there have been murmurs on blogs, forum threads and mailing lists about this concert for a week or so now, with confirmations coming in over the weekend. So now if you do a Google search of “eraserheads concert CCP,” you’ll find a lot of people going “Yes, it’s confirmed!” “Tama na ang blind item,” “I’m so excited!” complete with references to the band’s hits (You can bet your pwet I’ll do it again sometime for the money, It’s fine time, Tikman ang langit, Gusto mo bang sumama?).

Beyond the date and venue (August 30 at the CCP grounds), details are still sketchy right now. The concert is supposedly for free, tickets can be obtained by signing up on a website that will be announced in early August, a still-unidentified big company is sponsoring the event- and they have to be big, to be able to pull something like this off, especially if it’s indeed true that the band members are getting millions to appear in the one-night (45-minute?) event.

The marketing is so viral it’s brilliant.

People’s anticipation were stirred and built up, first in the blogosphere then transitioning to mainstream media; full information withheld to heighten anticipation; major sponsor is unidentified so now people are wondering who it is (San Miguel? Marlboro? umm, Chippy? ha ha); it’s going to be a MAD dash to get to those tickets. Continue reading

In fairness

I don’t know why we even bother, but going to the UP Fair these days seems not so much as a way to have fun or even be nostalgic, but a way to be hit by several realizations on how old you’re getting. Alam mo yun, yung tipong you begin sentences with, “Nung panahon natin di yan ganyan di ba?” Then after a while you yearn to be sitting at a Starbucks somewhere instead of on the Sunken Garden grass peppered with litter and various non-student pankistas. I don’t mean to be a some sort of fascist about this but the nostalgia trip sort of gets ruined when you see that the UP students are probably a minority in the crowd. My friend Phoebe was going, “What happened to our fair?” and was seriously considering going up to the organizers to tell them than they should have a separate entrance for UP people. I would have been content with a separate entrance for alumni para siguradong maikli ang pila, he he. Seriously, I’ve never seen a line that long at a UP Fair. Nung panahon ko, ahem, you have a couple of lines stretching a few meters from the entrace. The line at between 9 and 10 PM last Monday, however, snaked around the base of the Sunken Garden for a while before going up to the sidewalk and then stretching from the area between the old Registrar building and Educ until Vinzons Hall. But then again, nung panahon ko hindi pa uso ang strict bag inspection bago ka papasukin.

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where the years go

Mika posted a Multiply entry mourning the passing of Brad Renfro, who, like so many child/teen stars before him, apparently went the wayward route paved with drugs, alcohol and what-have-you, finally succumbing to it all at a young age of 25. The post was followed by more than a dozen friends’ shocked comments, peppered with teary reminiscing about Renfro and a host of other teen idols of their time – Jonathan Brandis (bless his soul, though I’m still trying to remember who he is), Elijah Wood, Devon Sawa.

Notice – I said teen idols of their time. You see, for me those actors were basically child stars. As I wrote in my comment to the post, I really felt our age gap at that moment, because the equivalent of Brad Renfro or Devon Sawa to my teenage years was – here it is – Johnny Depp.

Yes, this is really a post about Johnny 🙂


Johnny of the 21 Jumpstreet roots (“Your friends will be there when your back is to the waaaalll… You gotta be ready to, be ready to – Jump! 21 Jumpstreet! Hehe, corny), whose face was plastered in my third and fourth year high school notebook and whose poster graced the wall of my college boarding house. It was actually my sister who first liked him and I was just sort of gaya-gaya, but I stuck it out with him even after my sister eventually outgrew Hollywood guys. My behavior was exactly the kind of adulation which he hated, by the way, and for the rest of his career after Jumpstreet it seemed as if he was doing his best not to be mistaken for a matinee idol ever again.

Yes, definitely, Johnny had his rebel-boy days, when he was trying his best to be the opposite of the clean-cut image his 21 Jumpstreet character imposed on him, but fortunately things did not go so bad and he managed to survive long enough for him and Tim Burton to find each other, do a host of wonderfully eccentric roles, meet the love of his life and have a couple of kids and suddenly become all mature, and the rest is history.

Now in his forties (though he hardly looks it), Johnny is one of Hollywood’s most respected actors, known for never compromising on his art while still being a great entertainer at the same time. He’s still working on improving his craft, even including singing in the repertoire as Sweeney Todd and picking up an Oscar nomination in the process.

Teen idols are great and fun to have in your teenage years, but the thing about them is that they grow older, and when they do, you may not like them all that much. Or worse, they die young. Johnny Depp was my teen idol, but as I told Mika, I’m glad that he and I get to grow older and quirkier together 🙂

Photo taken from 21 Jumpstreet DVD ad here